Jean-Marie Eveillard Resource Page Added to ValueWalk

Jean-Marie Eveillard Resource Page Added to ValueWalk
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Jean-Marie Eveillard Resource Page Added to ValueWalk


Jean-Marie Eveillard Resource Page Added to ValueWalkA resource page devoted to Jean-Marie Eveillard page has been added to ValueWalk.

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Jean-Marie Eveillard defines investment business as “A big tent that accommodates many different people defines investment business. At the one end there is Ben Graham, and at the other side of the tent there is Warren Buffett.” Ben Graham and Warren Buffett, the legends in investing business, have entirely different style of making investment, on the other hand Jean- Marie Eveillard  have his own style of carrying out investment business and he also possesses some characteristics of both of the greatest investors, Ben Graham and Warren Buffet. his unique style of doing business the main rules he apply when investing are holding his property is never to put all the money in investment. He always plays a safe game. if you can foresee that putting your money in investment is risky and you have chances of a loss stop thinking of investing there. Perform a risk analysis regarding every aspect of investment and get familiar with each risk factor very clearly. In addition, when there is inflation risk identified while carrying out any investment then do not put money on that investment instead investin the form of gold. Jean-Marie Eveillard has strong faith in God regarding any investment related future.


Jean-Marie Eveillard says that like Warren Buffet anyone can be an outstanding investor. He furthermore states that to become outstanding in the field of investment business, one has to go through series of tough processes. He considers his two years of retirement time as the dormant period of his life. Jean- Marie Eveillard says that any person not related to that specific investment vocation cannot understand various functionalities of investment phenomena. As no function is well described and specified. Jean-Marie Eveillard says that after the comeback of two years of break he has noticed that investment companies owned by professionals are progressing very fast. His business philosophy is very helpful in furthering the objectives of The Eagle Funds .In the year 2002, his company was the only hedge fund company who was earning profit. It is a precedent for the other businesspersons of investment field. They are approaching him for his valuable tips and guidelines for nourishment and betterment of their businesses. While describing his success concisely, he says that looking at the business development in the end and making investment accordingly makes a big difference .

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