Jailbroken iPhone vs Non-Jailbroken iPhone Speed Test Shown In Video

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It has been a debate ever since the early days of jailbreaking. Does the act of jailbreaking an iPhone cause performance to increase or decrease? Sure, jailbreaking opens up some new features and capabilities but at what cost? Now, we have a jailbroken iPhone vs non-jailbroken iPhone speed test shown on video to help fuel the debate.

YomiTosh created a video where he compares the app loading speeds of several popular apps on both a jailbroken and non-jailbroken iPhone. He has some fun with the video showing a Connor McGregor iPhone vs a Floyd Mayweather iPhone. With jailbreaking enjoying some major success lately, this video may be very important to some people who are wondering if they should stick with stock iOS or try one of the jailbreaking solutions that could be coming down the road.

Check out the video for yourself below:

As you can see, this is far from a scientific test. The video relies on an informal countdown and two different fingers working at exactly the same time. Still, the margin for error is low and there are some major differences in the two devices.

In the jailbroken iPhone vs non-jailbroken iPhone speed test; it appears that stock iOS loads most apps faster than the jailbroken device. However, the jailbroken device does give the illusion of faster loading times with quicker animations. You can see this several times in the video where the icon will be tapped and the app opening animation will begin. The animation starts immediately on the jailbroken device and the app appears to open faster. However, the actual content in the app loads faster on the non-jailbroken device.

The difference isn’t very great in a lot of apps and, unless you saw them working side by side, you wouldn’t know the difference. With that said, there were a few apps where there was a very noticeable difference. For example, the camera app is open and ready to use much faster on stock iOS.

Why is there a difference when comparing devices in the jailbroken iPhone vs non-jailbroken iPhone speed test? It’s hard to say. My guess is that the jailbreaking process bogs down the system just enough to slow some features like app loading. Keep in mind that jailbreaking is often an ongoing process. Once you jailbreak, your device has to continuously perform certain tasks or hacks to stay jailbroken. This is why some jailbreaks are tethered and some are untethered. All that means is that some jailbreaks need to be re-done periodically to ensure the device remains jailbroken.

Of course, a jailbroken iPhone vs non-jailbroken iPhone speedtest is only part of the story. Most people don’t jailbreak their device to increase performance with things like app launching. People jailbreak iPhones to gain more control over their devices and open up new features. If you are jailbreaking to get a faster iPhone then you are probably jailbreaking for the wrong reasons and you’re better off sticking with stock iOS. If you want to see and experience the wider range of features and customization offered by jailbreaking then you’re on the right track.

What do you think? Does the jailbroken iPhone vs non-jailbroken iPhone speed test influence your decision to jailbreak now or in the future? Or, do you agree that a speed test doesn’t tell the full story of jailbreaking?

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