ISIS Hacks @Centcom Twitter Account, Police On High Alert

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ISIS hackers appear to have breached the U.S. Central Command’s Twitter feed, @CENTCOM, and posted some threatening tweets. As of now though, it appears as if the agency has taken back control of its feed, removing the CyberCaliphate banner and replacing it with the standard Twitter egg profile pic.

Among the tweets is a photo of the names and addresses of some of the top commanders in the U.S. military. The hacker arm of ISIS also posted some threats against U.S. military forces.

ISIS hack CENTCOM Twitter

ISIS hack confirmed

Not long after the cyber-attack was reported, Twitter suspended Centcom’s account and confirmed that it had been breached by hackers. Central Command also confirmed that its account had been hacked. According to TechCrunch and other sources, ISIS also seems to have hacked Centcom’s YouTube account.

The hacks came while President Obama was speaking to the nation about cyber-security. The first tweet was posted at around 12:30 p.m., according to The Washington Post.

U.S. law enforcement on high alert

Meanwhile law enforcement agencies all over the U.S. are on high alert after a video urging attacks on Western nations has resurfaced. CBS News reports Abu Mohammed al Adnani, a spokesperson for ISIS, referenced the U.S., Canada, Australia and France as possible targets for attacks. The video also gives specific instructions for attacking law enforcement and civilians as well.

The message is similar to previous messages urging attacks on police officers, intelligence officials, employees of the government and soldiers. It’s also consistent with the message in the hack of Central Command’s Twitter feed. Officials say the video is an effort by ISIS to attract new recruits from around the globe.

Officials reminded the public that the same video was released on Twitter in September not long before a series of gruesome attacks happened in Canada, Australia and New York City. France has been gripped with terror since suspected terrorists allegedly killed 17 people in a number of attacks last week, including a gruesome shooting spree that took the lives of 12 at the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

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