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Will Iranian Protests Topple The Regime?

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UPDATED on January 1st 2018 at 3:23PM EST there are calls for Iran protests to take place nationwide as the official death toll has reached at least double digits – it appears (if in fact accurate) that in the most serious sign to the regime security forces in some instances have refused to fire on demonstrators and actually joined in too. We wil continue to update as we get more information since it appears the Iran protests could topple the Goverment. If security forces in wide numbers start to join the demonstrators it is game over for the regime – but so far we have only seen some cases of that. However, the protests as we noted earlier are far wider than the ones in 2009 and they are continuing so momentum is building up to a bloody end or beginning?

We will have more as the revolt in Iran develops.

Even after three days of some anti-establishment taking place in Iranian cities, the Iran protests continue. As per reports, this is the most significant revolt taking place in the country since 2009.

As per videos posted online on Iran Twitter, two reporters were shot dead in the Dorud city on Saturday night, but there is no official confirmation of fatalities reported so far. However, the posted images of the fatal scene show several dead bodies being carried away in the city.

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What are the Iran protests about?

Since, the Green Movement that started in 2009, the public rage has increased: this was mainly due to their dissatisfaction is seen against the undue increase in food and gasoline prices.

It cannot be denied that the people of Dorud city are not in favor with the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei. The protests are by some as most dangerous public dissent ever. The seemingly unstoppable Iran protestors have destroyed the Khamenei billboards placed all over the city.

The dissatisfied Iranian expected their standard of living to go up the scale. On the contrary, and even with  many sanctions lifted as per the recent Iranians deal. This deal was over the Iranian nuclear program involving P5+1 and Iran. The P5 includes the five permanent members of UN Security Council; USA, UK, Russia, France and China.

Encountering continuous failing of economic management and unending corruption has left Iranians with a feeling of disappointment.

What do the so called "experts" say about the Iran protests?

Many experts like Tita Parsi, the National Iranian American Public says, even though after putting an end to several energy, financial, and transportation laws many Iranian names are still on the blacklist.

Changes in government policies have forced unemployment to remain high and face high inflation. All these lead to a shortage of international investment as per Parsi.

Is the disappointment limited to Price of Bread and Gas Only?

No, the Iran protests go beyond that. As per the research Director of National Iranian American Council, Reza Marashi the rage started growing after political, economic, and social disturbances among the Iranians.

Although the government is trying hard to resolve the circumstances that "ultimately brings peace" in the city, no one knows what is next.

Is there any similarity between these and 2009 Iran protests?

Seeing the recent conditions that led to Iran protests in the city, there is no doubt in accepting that these protests are  more dangerous then those that happened in 2009. Furtherore, the protestors likely learned the mistakes of 2009 and are trying to avoid them.

Marashi believes that the current situation is more of a civil rights movement. However, the Iran protests are nowhere close to a revolutionary one... yet.

The Iran protests that are ongoing right now are directly challenging the Supreme Leader of Iran. Especially relevant is that protests are even taking place in Qom and Mashad, which are normally secure religious centers: this creates a significant distinction from 2009, when protests took place in places like Tehran.

Ffurthermore, tearing down huge posters of the leader publicly is rarely ever seen in Iran. As per officials, there is a massive rage among Iranians.

What does social media have to say about it?

Donald Trump is around to tweet about the situation. In this sensitive time, Donald’s tweets are not favoring the Iran Government. As per the tweet, Trump is adding fire to the position by giving heads up to the iran protests and it seems like Trump is calling for them to revolt against their Government.

Going by his tweet, “the world is watching”. He firmly believes that the protests against Iranian regime shall continue forever. The president’s statement about the squandering wealth by Iranian leaders has aggravated rage among them.

To answer back, Marashi voiced saying that the US should stay out of it. It is not related to the president. So, Marashi believes Donald should keep himself. Some believe that Trump’s credibility is low in Iran, and he should stay out of this conflict. Being an Iranian thing, it will be put an end the Iranian way....

What does Iran expect from the rest of the world?

As per a statement by Holly Dagres, the rest of the world must keep calm and wait for the situation to take a turn their way.

In these crucial times, any written statement made on social media by any of the countries without being aware of the dire situation favors people of Iran. Nothing can be more hurtful than this to the Iran protestors, these pundits argue.

Others argue that the outside world should give moral support to the movement, something which Obama did not do in 2009.

How is everyone learning about the protests?

Even after giving strict warnings to the citizens about holding public gatherings, and killing of officials,journalists remain uncontrollable: this goes same with the situations taken place in 2009 when the journalists continued to spread viral images and videos all over the Iran internet.

The powerful images often depict an incomplete situation. Just by getting access to watch these, one cannot be fully aware of what’s happening in Iran. It is just a skewed version that narrates unknown facts of a tale.

People getting offended after watching a clip in 2009 does not give justice to the situation. The video gained popularity  by showing few painful moments of a dying protester, Neda Agha-Soltan. The short footage took the situation in a wrong direction, and the Green revolution was eventually crushed.

Of course, in an authoritarian state it is impossible to believe the Government version and there is no other way for opponents to get their word to the world.

Will the Iran protests topple the regime in Tehran and Damascus?

Well, as far as officials can predict, they strongly believe that corrupt regime shall remain forever. And due to this, the future doesn’t hold many bright days for Iranians.

In the past, Iranians had undergone a revolution even without witnessing democracy. And now, in these present times, as they are demanding freedom; they must know that it isn’t easy to achieve.

If they fear revolution, they can never attain what they aspire for.

To walk towards the path of a liberal, and progressive nation, every young Iranian must have a willingness to take up available arms, if any. in addition, If there are no arms, the GCC and Saudi in particular will likely be happy to lend a hand. Indeed, conspiracy theorists are blaming the CIA, Israel, the UAE, Saudi Arabia for being behind the Iran protests. Whatever the truth is the battle for Tehran will have ramifications for Syria and the wider middle East.

Stay tuned if the protests seems like they are heating up we will have live coverage of the events in Persia

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