Iran Nuclear Deal: Obama Gives Tehran A Road Map To Develop Nukes

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What was the primary objective of the nuclear deal with Iran? To prevent Tehran from developing its own nuclear weapons. What is Iran getting under the new deal? A clear road map to develop nuclear weapons without any international pressure (the world powers must remove economic sanctions).

The U.S. Congress hasn’t seen the final draft of secret agreements


Iran and North Korea had cooperated on nuclear missiles and nuclear warhead design. In April, intelligence officials revealed that President Barack Obama had concealed that North Korea supplied critical missile components and know-how to Tehran. According to the International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA), it takes as little has 25kg of highly enriched uranium (HEU) to build an improvised nuclear device (IND) capable of destroying the heart of an average American city.

Iran has signed secret agreements with the IAEA that determine whether Tehran will disclose how close it is to developing nuclear warheads. Unfortunately, representatives in Congress haven’t seen the final draft of the secret agreements. And the efficiency of IAEA can be gauged by the fact that the vast Abdul Qadeer Khan network spread nuclear technology to Pakistan, North Korea, Iran and Libya right under the nose of IAEA. Nuclear facilities have also been found in Iraq and Syria.

The nuclear deal states that Iran is not required to dismantle all of its uranium-enriching centrifuges, and it can operate many of its nuclear facilities. What’s more, these facilities will be allowed to improve their infrastructure by using more modern enriching technologies.

Iran can choose when the IAEA can visit its facilities

Probably the worst part of the deal is that IAEA inspectors will have to give a minimum 24-day notice before they can visit the Iranian nuclear sites. The inspectors will have to submit the reasons for inspection “in writing.” And Iran will have full right to counter the submission or deny inspections. It is like giving a drug dealer 24-day notice before visiting the premises, and the drug dealer can choose not to let you visit the site.

Recently, satellite imagery showed massive construction activity at Iran’s Parchin nuclear site, where it is reportedly working on nuclear arms. Experts said Tehran was trying to clean up ahead of an inspection by the IAEA.

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