Ira Sohn Conference Live Coverage 2013: Einhorn, Bass, Chanos, Lu

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Ira Sohn Conference Live Coverage brought to you by ValueWalk. The 18th annual Ira Sohn Conference kicks off on Wednesday May 8th starting at 12PM EST and going until around 6:30PM EST. Many terrific value investors will be speaking at the conference. We will be providing both live blogging of the event as well as in-depth analysis. This is a jam packed week. We earlier brought you coverage of the Value Investing Congress which can be found here Additionally, we will be covering SALT on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Ira Sohn Conference Live Coverage 2013: Einhorn, Bass, Chanos, Lu

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Paul Singer at Ira Sohn Conference

Kyle Bass Hayman Capital at Ira Sohn Conference

Li Lu Himalaya Capital at Ira Sohn Conference

Keith Meister at Ira Sohn Conference

Bill Ackman Live at Ira Sohn Conference

Stanley Druckenmiller at Ira Sohn Conference

Mitch Julis at Ira Sohn Conference

Steve Eisman at Ira Sohn

David Stemerman at Ira Sohn Conference

Jim Chanos at Ira Sohn Conference

Tor Olav Troim at Ira Sohn Conference

Jonathon Jacobson at Ira Sohn Conference

Clifton Robbins at Ira Sohn Conference

Ira Sohn Conference Stock Picking Contest Winner

Jeff Gundlach at Ira Sohn Conference

David Einhorn at Ira Sohn Conference


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Ira Sohn Conference Live Coverage Speakers

Below is a list of speakers who will be presenting their best idea. Most of the speakers need no introduction, however, we provide a profile of each investor and will be linking to a longer profile on the page containing their presentations. The exact line up is not yet available, however, we will be posting the schedule/agenda once we can confirm it.

Note many of these links contain exclusive content, so you have something to read even before the conference begins.

Bill Ackman

Kyle Bass

Jim Chanos

Stanley Druckenmiller

David Einhorn

Steve Eisman 

Jeff Gundlach

Jonathon Jacobson

Mitch Julis 

Li Lu

Keith Meister

Clifton Robbins

Paul Singer

David Stemerman

Tor Olav Troim

Schedule: Ira Sohn Conference Live Coverage

Here is the line up (we will have the full line up shortly and will be linking to the presentations). All times are EST PM:

UPDATE: Live coverage links are at top (After second paragraph).

12:05 Paul Singer

12:20 Kyle Bass

1:20  Bill Ackman

2:15 Stan Druckenmiller

2:45 Steve Eisman

3:30 Jim Chanos

4:40 Jonathan Jacobson

4:55 Cliff Robbins

5:10 Joel greenblatt presents contest winner

5:25 Jeff Gundlach

5:40 David Einhorn

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