iPhone5 Still Favored Over Galaxy S4

iPhone5 Still Favored Over Galaxy S4
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On Thursday, Samsung introduced the Galaxy S4. Fortunately for Apple, this phone really shouldn’t have much significance in the market as it’s not as refined as the iPhone5.

iPhone5 Still Favored Over Galaxy S4

“We are amazed by how analysts and the media have turned on Apple during the recent stock downdrafts with statements that Samsung is ‘out-innovating’ Apple.  One would believe that Samsung is crushing Apple in the mobile phone market. We believe this is complete nonsense,” said Brian White, analyst of Topeka Capital Markets.

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The Galaxy S4 doesn’t have very many strong points or at least enough points to make it a more favorable option of Apple’s flagship phone. For one thing, the S4 is clunkier and more awkward than the slenderized iPhone5.  In fact, White pointed out that the latest iPhone generation is about five to eighteen percent slimmer and twenty percent lighter than the iPhone 4s.

Samsung’s latest is only about eight percent slimmer and two percent lighter than it’s predecessor. Clearly thin is in, at least when it comes to technology.

Another thing White noted was the body of the phone. The iPhone5 has a modern aluminum uni-body casing while the Galaxy S4 has cheap plastic.

Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster also predicts the iPhone5 will remain in the lead this year.

The only saving grace for Samsung’s latest smartphone is the Super AMOLED displayed with pixel density of 441 per inch. This number is impressively higher than the number of pixels for the iPhone 5s.

The iPhone 5S is predicted to arrive later on this year, most likely during the late summer or fall.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 specs include a 5-inch Super AMOLED screen, a 13-megapixel camera, quad-core/octo-core processor, and expandable memory up to 64 GB. Only time will tell if this new smartphone will flop.

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