iPhone5, Galaxy S3 Prices Slashed At Radio Shack

iPhone5, Galaxy S3 Prices Slashed At Radio Shack
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Radio Shack is already cutting the prices for the iPhone5 and Galaxy S3. The retail giant is offering both phones and the iPhone 4S through Sprint. According to the store’s representative, these deals should last through April 4th.

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These deals are most likely an effort to make room for the next generation of Apple and Samsung smartphones. Last week, Samsung introduced the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4. Apple is expected to introduce the iPhone5S sometime later on this year.

iPhone5, Galaxy S3 Prices Slashed At Radio Shack

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The Galaxy S3 now retails for just $49.99 with a two-year contract; this was previously priced at $199.99 and shoppers will save $150.00.  For those who want an Apple phone on discount, the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S are now $50 off with a two-year plan. These deals are available exclusively through Sprint retail stores and locations. Unfortunately, customers will not find these deals online. Another thing to note is that those who are looking to upgrade their phone will have to pay extra.

Radio Shack is the first store to offer discounts on current smartphones and it is only a matter of time until other retailers start to follow suit.

If people have been waiting to buy the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S device, now is probably the best time to do it. It’s a rate event for either popular smartphone to go on sale, so when the opportunity presents itself, it’s probably a wise idea to buy the phone you’ve been waiting for, especially considering that these phones are still the flagship models and are currently most up-do-date.

The Galaxy S3 and the iPhone5 are still popular gadgets, although their demand will decline over time as newer generations arrive. It is important to point out that buying current gadgets now, might later mean that they are obsolete.

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