iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8 and Pixel 2 – Why iPhone Is The Best Phone

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When making an iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8 & Pixel 2 comparison, it becomes clear that the Apple smartphone is the best device on the market. This is been reflected in the phenomenal success of the Apple handset, which has proven to be the most sought after release in the history of the corporation. There are several reasons why the iPhone X is the best smartphone on the market, so let’s look at some of them here.

iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8 & Pixel 2
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Previously the screen in the iPhone range had arguably fallen behind some of Apple’s competitors, but the iPhone X has certainly corrected this issue. The iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8 comparison is much more favorable for Apple now in this department, while the Apple device is clearly superior to the Google Pixel 2 in this area as well.

The esteemed display testing outlets, DisplayMate, recently described the screen included in the iPhone X as the “most innovative and high performance smartphone display” that it has ever tested. This is high praise indeed, and the publication also credited Apple with calibrating the display superbly.

Samsung can thus no longer claim superiority to Apple in display technology, even though it is involved with the manufacturing of the iPhone screen.

Face ID

Perhaps the key iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8 & Pixel 2 comparison is in the security department, with the Face ID technology of the iPhone X being a major breakthrough. The ability of the Apple smartphone to detect the face of a user in order to unlock the phone is not only convenient, but also more secure than fingerprint technology.

Other manufacturers have previously utilized face unlocking features, but Apple has evidently perfected this with the iPhone X. it is possible to trick other face scanners with photographs, and Samsung even recommends for customers to utilize the built-in retina scanners in their devices, which are considered to be a more secure option than the company’s face scanner.

This is pretty much a damning assessment of Samsung’s face scanning technology, and indicates that Apple is winning out here quite easily.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8
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Apple has always been renowned for its combination of proprietary hardware and software, and thus one would expect the iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8 & Pixel 2 comparison to come down in favor of the Cupertino-based company here.

The California corporation continues to make the wise move of making its software updates available to the vast majority of users, which is an improvement on the system operated by Samsung and Google. This means that the overwhelming majority of users on Apple platforms are utilizing the same version of operating system software, with the same security updates.

This simply means that the iPhone is a more secure device than either the Galaxy Note or Google Pixel 2, and it is an area where Android suppliers can certainly improve.


There is no doubt that camera technology is a key aspect of the iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8 & Pixel 2 comparison. Quality photography is increasingly expected of the top smartphone releases, and each of the major manufacturers have certainly gone to great length in order to deliver this.

However, critics have suggested that the best smartphone camera experience is actually delivered by the iPhone X. The optical image stabilization included in the secondary telephoto lens means that outstanding zoom and clarity is possible.

Camera tester DxOMark has often been cited by Android manufacturers in support of their products, but now praise the iPhone X as the best of all smartphones for still photography, with an outstanding score of 97. Unfortunately for Samsung and Google fans, at present the Galaxy Note 8 and Pixel 2 cannot stand up to this.

Google Pixel 2 Audio Recording Issue
Image Source: Google Store (screenshot)

Nothing is perfect

While the iPhone X fully justifies its $1,000 price tag and vast sales, it is also important to note that the smartphone isn’t perfect, and cannot be considered superior to the Galaxy Note 8 and Google Pixel 2 in every department.

Firstly, the notch included in the display of the iPhone X shows that it has been impossible for Apple to cram features under the display, with Face ID and camera technology still remaining external. While it is widely expected that the consumer electronics giant will solve this before the release of the next iPhone unit, Android manufactures now have the opportunity to use deliver this in their next generation products.

The wireless charging of the iPhone X could also be done better, with the manufacturer having only added the Qi standard. Samsung’s smartphones support Qi and PMA, in addition to faster wireless charging, giving them a slight edge in this department, even though the latest iPhone can be wirelessly charged from a longer distance. And Apple will close the gap further still when it delivers faster wireless charging in an imminent software update.

iOS operating system

Meanwhile, another major reason that Apple comes out on top in any iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8 comparison is that the iOS operating system remains slicker, faster and more user-friendly than Android. Undoubtedly some relish customization of Android, and despite some efforts to reverse this trend, the iOS operating system remains something of a buttoned-down system.

Nonetheless, iOS is still the standout mobile operating system in the world, and coupled with the authoritative Apple App Store, it makes the iPhone X a wonderful purchase for any mobile user. It should also be mentioned that the security of iOS is considered to be superior to Android platforms, and this is unlikely to change regardless of the quality of the software, as the commercial imperative for attacking Android is simply greater.

Critical reception

The critical reception of the iPhone X has been entirely justified. This is undoubtedly the best smartphone that Apple has ever released, and possibly the greatest ever product in the mobile sphere. The iPhone X has racked up a raft of outstanding reviews, and both Samsung and Google have a great deal to do in order to respond to this smartphone in 2018.

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