iPhone X Starting Price Varies Around The World

iPhone X Starting Price Varies Around The World
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The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus pre-orders have already begun but a lot of people are looking ahead to Apple’s new flagship: the iPhone X. The design changes and new features mark the biggest departure from typical iPhone design since we first saw the iPhone 10 years ago. As we get closer to the iPhone X pre-order dates, the iPhone X starting price for countries around the world is being revealed. If you live in the United States and thought the $999 iPhone X starting price at your nearest Apple store was a little steep; just wait until you see some prices in other countries.

iPhone X Starting Price
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Of course, before I dive in and start comparing numbers directly, there are a variety of reasons that prices could differ around the world. Import duties or tariffs can vary between countries. Some countries include tax in their total advertised price. Apple may also have to consider the increased cost of doing business in some countries as well. I could go on and on about all the various reasons but I know you have places to be and people to see. If you are outside the United States then it may be nice to know the iPhone X starting price around the world.

In my home country of Canada, for example, it looks like are paying more than Americans even after currency conversion. The iPhone X starting price in Canada is $1319 which works out to about $1081 USD. Not a huge difference from the $999 price tag that my American friends will pay but that extra $80 could go toward a fancy new case or AppleCare+. It’s likely that Apple has factored currency fluctuation in their price. A few months ago, this would have been a pretty accurate conversion. However, the Canadian dollar has been doing much better lately. Still, Apple (and pretty much every company that sells products in Canada) is slow to change prices when the currency gets closer to par. Of course, if the Canadian dollar were to plummet compared to the American dollar then Apple would adjust their prices before you could even blink.

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I won’t complain too much. In Russia, the iPhone X starting price is 79,990 Rubles which works out to nearly $1400 USD. That’s a pretty hefty increase. If you’re an Apple fan in Russia then you better start saving your Rubles now. Russia isn’t the only country where the iPhone X starting price exceeds the $1300 USD mark. European countries including the UK are all looking at some sobering prices for Apple’s newest iPhone.

In many countries, comparing these prices directly isn’t exactly a fair comparison. For example, in the UK and in a lot of other European countries, sales taxes have to be shown in the total price. If you look at the UK price and remove the included taxes, the actual pre-tax price of the iPhone X is just over $1100 USD. Still higher than in the United States but the difference isn’t as shocking when you take included taxes out of the occasion. If you find yourself travelling in the United States and you can get an iPhone X during your travels then you could save yourself some money depending on the rules for bringing back outside goods to your home country. For most people, however, paying the inflated price at home is more reasonable than buying a plane ticket to the United States.

The really big question about the iPhone X release is whether or not any units will even be available. Many reports are suggesting that there will be an extremely limited number of iPhone X units on store shelves this November. In fact, most people that want to pick up an iPhone X will end up waiting until the new year. That may be disappointing news for those who wanted to get themselves or a loved one the new iPhone X prior to Christmas.

Even with the high price tag and potentially delayed delivery, many people will still opt for the iPhone X over many of the other smartphones on the market like the new Galaxy Note 8. According to benchmark information available, the iPhone X’s A11 processor gives Apple’s smartphone the power to put it head and shoulders above the rest. Of course, benchmarks are just one small part of the equation when choosing a smartphone. Many people may be big fans of iOS compared to Android and others may see a lot of value in new iPhone X features like FaceID.

What do you think about the iPhone X starting price? Is it worth it for Apple’s newest device or is this simply too much to pay for a smartphone? If you’re like me and you don’t live in the United States then you may have to think extra hard about buying an iPhone X due to the increased price in your home country. In any case, it looks like the iPhone X will be a hot item this fall no matter what the price tag is where you live.

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