iPhone X Specs: What to expect?

iPhone X Specs: What to expect?
Image Source: Apple.com (screenshot)

Update 09-11-2017: The iPhone X is on the horizon, following a major leak that must be something of an embarrassment to Apple. A disgruntled employee has provided key details on the forthcoming smartphone, not least the fact that it will be branded as the iPhone X. This had been rumored in some quarters, but is now absolutely confirmed.

Release date

With the iPhone X launching alongside two iPhone 8 devices that are effectively upgrades, it has been widely reported in the media that there could be a staggered release. This would mean that the iPhone X was held back until October, with the two iPhone 8 devices being pencilled in for a September release date. We will find out for sure when Apple unveils the three devices tomorrow.


It is now almost ubiquitously suggested that the iPhone X will retail in the $1,000 ballpark. Apple may possibly set the price tag for this handset at $999, with the intention of keeping it under the psychologically important $1,000 mark. However, premium versions of the iPhone X may cost even more than this, with the 512GB version of the device being linked with a recommended retail price of $1,200.

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One of the key iPhone X specs is its new screen. It is now also known that the iPhone X will benefit from the first ever OLED display that Apple has included in the iPhone range. This 5.8-inch wraparound screen will be the dominant feature of the forthcoming smartphone, comprising virtually the entire front panel of the device. A design mixing glass and metallic elements is also strongly suspected, while the screen will ensure minimal bezels in the iPhone X.


Speaking of the screen in the iPhone X, this new display will deliver quad HD resolution. This means that the next-generation Apple smartphone will display more pixels than any previous release. It has been suggested that the screen will also be somewhat curved, although a flat panel is also possible.


The latest leaked data on the iPhone X specs indicates that the smartphone will benefit from a 6-core processor that will be the most powerful Apple has ever utilized. The iPhone 7 was based on quad-core architecture, so this is potentially quite a big deal. Taiwan’s TSMC is involved in the manufacturing of the new chip, built on a 10nm FinFET process.

No Home button

Another major innovation in the iPhone X will be the removal of the Home button, which now seems an absolute certainty following the latest leak. This feature will instead be integrated within the screen of the device, with Apple implementing innovative new features in this tenth anniversary mobile.

Face ID

Another major innovation will be the introduction of Face ID, which was also revealed in the major iPhone X leak. This feature would seem to be a replacement for Touch ID, although some reports suggest that this system will still be included alongside Face ID.

Face ID is a security feature which enables various aspects of the smartphone to be unlocked via facial recognition. This will likely be pushed as a major innovation during the unveiling of the iPhone X.

Wireless charging

Wireless charging is also coming to the iPhone X, with Apple implementing a system which will enable consumers to recharge their phones at a distance of 15 feet. This has been a fixture of Samsung mobiles for some time, but it seems Apple is attempting to up the ante with its own technology.


The camera to be included in the iPhone X will apparently be a 12-megapixel unit, based on the latest leak. CEO Tim Cook has talked up the dual-lens unit to be delivered in the iPhone X generation, indicating that it will blow consumers’ minds. There has reportedly been a particular emphasis on the low-light shooting capabilities of this snapper.

Augmented reality

In order to deliver the Face ID system, 3D features will be built into the iPhone X camera. And this will also enable augmented reality technology to be included in the iPhone 8, providing both gaming and security functionality.

This is another major feature that Apple will promote at its unveiling event, with the Californian corporation having also implemented a unique emoji system. This involves the iPhone X hardware recognizing the features of a user, and then mapping them onto an emoji.

Other iPhone X specs

The leak also revealed that Apple will not increase the level of RAM in the iPhone X in comparison to the iPhone 7 Plus, with 3GB apparently used. The device should benefit from a major storage upgrade, with 512GB of native storage expected in the premium model. A battery in the region of 3,000 mAh should also be included.

There is no evidence that Apple has reconsidered its decision to eliminate the 3.5mm headphone jack, which will be a disappointment in some quarters.

The much anticipated iPhone X launch is expected next week. Thanks to a summer full of leaks, including leaks directly from Apple, we have a pretty good idea of what to expect when Tim Cook steps on stage to reveal the 10th anniversary iPhone X. The design is going to be the talk of the tech world. If the leaks we have seen are correct, the iPhone X will be the biggest change in iPhone design since the original iPhone was introduced 10 years ago. A bezel-less display will stretch from edge to edge. Not only is this the first time Apple will use an OLED display in the iPhone but it’s also the first iPhone that won’t feature the home button we have come to know and love.

iPhone X Specs
iPhone X Box image via LetsGoDigital


Yes, the design will leave no shortage of topics to discuss after the iPhone X launch but what a lot of people really want to know are iPhone X specs. A beautiful smartphone is nice but a smartphone with the brains to match that beauty is even better. Plus the Galaxy Note 8 is launched and the Google Pixel 2 XL will be coming on October 5th. Apple needs the iPhone X specs to be able to keep up with these competitive flagships or else they may find that consumers look elsewhere.

So, what kind of iPhone X specs can we expect to see next week? Let’s dive into the rumors!


One of the most talked about iPhone X specs will be the display. This is Apple’s first year using an OLED display in the iPhone. With most flagships now sporting an OLED display, it was only a matter of time before Apple made the switch. The display is being supplied by Samsung and will be a 5.8-inch edge to edge OLED display. This display will follow the bezel-less trend that seems to be sweeping the smartphone industry. We have seen it with the Galaxy S8, LG G6, and Galaxy Note 8. Now, the iPhone X will have the same sleek design. Why is Apple making the switch from LCD to OLED displays? OLED displays offer much better contrast. Black objects actually look black on an OLED display rather than a “washed out” sort of grey color. The biggest downside to an OLED display is the price. They cost significantly more than LCD displays which will be a cost passed on to the consumer.

Under The Hood

Most analysts are expecting the iPhone X to be powered by Apple’s A11 chip. This is a new chip that rumors suggest will be able to outpace the A10X chip in the iPad Pro. That’s a ton of power for a smartphone. Some reported benchmarks have the A11 chip running twice as fast as the Snapdragon 835. If that does turn out to be true, the iPhone X may be the most powerful smartphone you can buy. We haven’t heard a lot about RAM in the iPhone X specs rumors. Apple usually has less RAM than the major Android flagships. I would expect to see 4GB of RAM in the iPhone X. This is obviously lower than the 6GB of RAM we find in the Galaxy Note 8. However, iOS is optimized well enough that the smaller amount of RAM usually doesn’t matter. That’s the beauty of making your own hardware and software.


In terms of hardware, we likely won’t see much a difference between the iPhone X and the iPhone 7S. I’m expecting dual 12-megapixel sensors on the back of the device. The alignment of these sensors will be the real discussion point. Apple is reportedly aligning the iPhone X sensors vertically. Why? Augmented reality works best in a landscape environment. So, when users turn their device into landscape orientation, the sensors will be aligned horizontally for optimal AR performance. The AR features of the iPhone X camera will be what really sets it apart and I hope to see a great demonstration of the iPhone X and AR next week.

Operating System

The iPhone X will come out of the box with iOS 11. iOS 11 is introducing a lot of new features that should get iPhone users excited. Things like improved Apple Maps, Control Center customization, more Siri functions, and other features will help the iPhone X perform to its fullest potential. This is one of the most important iPhone X specs. After all, a smartphone is only as good as the software it runs.

Other Features

There are a few other hardware features we are expecting to see in the iPhone X. One of the biggest changes will be the loss of the home button thanks to the bezel-less display. This means TouchID has moved elsewhere on the device – likely integrated into the power/lock button. That also means that users will have to navigate through iOS 11 differently on the iPhone X than with older devices. Apple will likely use gestures with the iPhone X to help users navigate through the various screens. I’m very interested to see how these gestures work and how dedicated iPhone users respond to the change. There will also be a front-facing infrared camera to scan a user’s face. This feature is reportedly going to be called PearlID and should be able to perform all the same tasks as TouchID. Again, this is another feature I really want to see in person.

The Wait Is Almost Over

Next week we will get confirmation about all of the iPhone X specs. These specs likely won’t come cheap. The latest reports are suggesting that the iPhone X price could start around $900. That could be painful on the wallet but dedicated Apple fans will likely see the cost as being worth it.

The countdown is on! Who is excited to see what Apple has in store for us?

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