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iPhone X Suffers From Incoming Call Glitch, Apple Investigating The Issue

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Apple has been reminding its fans consistently that the iPhone X is the greatest piece of smartphone technology in the world. However, users have complained about multiple issues with the 10th anniversary iPhone since its launch. In the past, many iPhone X owners said a weird buzzing sound was coming out of the phone’s ear speaker. A few others pointed out that the iPhone X display would turn temporarily unresponsive in cold weather conditions. Now a number of iPhone X owners are suffering from an incoming call issues that makes it incredibly difficult for them to answer an incoming call.

The problem makes it difficult to answer an incoming call

Affected users commented on Apple’s Support Forum that the iPhone X display doesn’t wake up when there is an incoming call, though the phone does ring to alert the user. The screen wakes up 8-12 seconds after the phone starts ringing, preventing the affected users from answering the incoming call or seeing who is calling. Since the display doesn’t turn on for several seconds, users can’t tap the virtual button to answer the call until it’s too late.

The first complaints about the issue emerged in December, but it grabbed Apple’s attention only recently. It’s unclear what is causing the problem. Some users said in the Support Forum that rebooting and other troubleshooting steps don’t fix the issue. One of the users mentioned that there was also a problem with the iPhone X’s proximity sensor. “The display doesn’t come back on even when I take away the phone from my ears,” said the user.

Some of the affected users said restoring the software fixes the issue, but it reappears a few hours or days later. Many tried restarting their iPhone X to resolve the problem while others performed the hard reset option, but without any success. It’s not yet known whether it’s a software bug or a hardware issue.

Apple is ‘looking’ into the issue

Apple confirmed to the Financial Times that it was “looking into these reports” without offering details on whether or how it would fix the problem. Sources inside the tech giant told Apple Insider that the company was collecting data on the problem from affected users. If you have more than one Apple device, you can go to Phone settings menu to set up Calls on Other Devices. Once turned on, the feature will allow you to answer the call on the other Apple device as long as the iPhone X and the other device share the same Apple ID and are on the same WiFi network.

Software-related complaints from Apple users have grown steadily in the last few months. Reports claimed recently that many features that Apple was planning to introduce with iOS 12 later this year have been delayed until 2019. It would give Apple time to focus on the performance and reliability of its mobile operating system. A few days ago, Apple offered free repairs to iPhone 7 owners who complained that their phones had no cellular service even when cellular coverage was available.

iPhone X drives up Apple’s holiday quarter revenues

Last week, Apple reported a record holiday quarter on the back of iPhone X, even though the iPhone sales numbers missed the Wall Street projections. The tech giant sold 77.4 million iPhones in the Oct-Dec quarter, even lower than 78.2 million units sold in the same quarter a year ago. Despite lower sales, Apple was able to post record revenues due to the iPhone X’s ridiculously high price tag.

According to Canalys, Apple shipped 29 million iPhone X units in December quarter. Apple CEO Tim Cook told investors that the iPhone X sales “surpassed” the company’s expectations and that it was the top selling phone in every week since its launch. Cook didn’t break down the iPhone sales by model, though. He claimed the iPhone X customer satisfaction was “off the charts.”  It means consumers have embraced the iPhone X despite its weird notch.

Apple generated $88.3 billion in revenues and $20 billion in profits during the holiday quarter. The iPhone’s average selling price (ASP) skyrocketed from $695 to $796, which indicates that the iPhone X indeed witnessed healthy sales. However, Apple issued a weaker than expected guidance of $60-$62 billion revenues for the current quarter. The Cupertino company ended 2017 with an all-time high of 1.3 billion active Apple devices.

There have been speculations that Apple has cut iPhone X orders for the current quarter as well as the June quarter due to weak demand. Supply chain sources told the Wall Street Journal that Apple suppliers were now producing the iPhone X at a lower rate. Nikkei Asia Review has learned from its sources that Apple will be shipping only 20 million iPhone X units in the January-March quarter, down from the previous plan of 40 million units. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has even indicated that the iPhone X could be discontinued later this year.

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