Want Dual-SIM Support On The iPhone X? Here’s How To Get It

Want Dual-SIM Support On The iPhone X? Here’s How To Get It
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Apple has finally added dual-SIM card support with its 2018 iPhones, but there is an easy way for iPhone X users to get the dual-SIM functionality as well — without having to spend thousands of dollars to get dual-SIM support on the iPhone X.

More than just a dual-SIM case

To get dual-SIM support on the iPhone X, all you have to do is buy a new case. This new case is not an ordinary case; rather, it’s a special case that adds dual-SIM support on the iPhone X. The dual-SIM case offers other needed things as well, including more battery power.

“The case is made from high-quality materials to keep your phone protected at all times. If you ever wanted to ditch your second phone, then this is what you need,” the description of the case states.

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This dual-SIM case features a 3,000 mAh battery and a call recorder, so with this case, you get dual-SIM support on the iPhone X and extended battery life. This dual-SIM case for the iPhone X can be ordered from here and currently costs $120.

Moreover, the case offers a genuine dedicated app for the second SIM slot. The app can be downloaded from the App Store and is built specifically for the case. This case also frees you from the complications of Apple’s eSIM tech. Thus, this dual-SIM case is extremely helpful if your country or carrier doesn’t yet support eSIM functionality.

This dual-SIM case works side-by-side with the phone’s primary SIM card. The case supports a micro-SIM card and charges using a Lightning cable. Users will be able to lock the dedicated app for the case using Face ID as well. The case comes in black and red.

How to get dual-SIM support on the iPhone X

All you need to do to add dual-SIM support on the iPhone X is buy this dual-SIM case. Then insert the second SIM card into the case and press and hold the SIM ON/OFF button for five seconds to enable the dual-SIM feature. Next, put the case on your iPhone X and connect it via the Lightning connector.

You will have to download the free dedicated app for the case from the App Store. Next, open the app and select the correct network, and that’s it. Now you can start making calls and sending text messages from the second SIM card. Press the button on the back of the case to charge the iPhone X using the case’s built-in battery.

This dual-SIM case has a few limitations as well. It works only with the iPhone X. The case has to be fully charged for the dual-SIM feature to work. The case supports only calling and texting, which means it doesn’t support data. The case supports these network bands: GSM850MHz / EGSM900MHz / DCS1800MHz / PCS1900MHz.

iOS 12.1 to bring dual-SIM support to the new iPhones

Unlike iPhone X users, who can get dual-SIM support straightaway just by ordering this dual-SIM case, owners of the iPhone XS and XS Max will have to wait for iOS 12.1 to get it. There are reports that Apple has added it in the iOS 12.1 beta.

iOS 12.1 includes a new option in the Cellular panel. This new option is “Add Cellular Plan,” and as the name suggests, it allows users to input the details of their secondary wireless service plan. The same feature will be available on the iPhone XR as well, but not older models.

When the final version of iOS 12.1 is released some time later this fall, iPhone XS and XS Max users will be able to connect simultaneously to two networks. It is believed that the primary account will be tied to the eSIM, while the nano-SIM card slot will support the second account.

Dual-SIM is a very useful feature. It allows users to have one number for business and another for personal calls. It also allows users to add a local service plan when traveling to another country. Additionally, both networks work simultaneously. If a user is busy on one line and a call comes in on the second line, it will automatically be transferred to voicemail.

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