iPhone 11 / iPhone X 2 Specs Discussed In New Report

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On a day when reviews of the iPhone X have hit the internet, technology enthusiasts are already looking ahead to next year’s update. A new report was recently published by an employee at KGI Securities, who interestingly remarks that next year’s round of iPhones may come equipped with TrueDepth Cameras. They will potentially be complete with 3D sensing on the backside, which will be like the front cameras seen on the current iPhone X.

The iPhone X 2 specs suggest that Apple’s new TrueDepth Camera will enable face ID for unlocking your handset, alongside Animoji for creating animated characters with face tracking. Though these features are a proponent of the current iPhone X, they only exist on the front-facing camera. Perhaps by the time next year’s update occurs, Apple will incorporate the same technology on both the front and rear-facing cameras, though our KGI affiliate believes the contrary may be true.

KGI has commented on how Apple is at least one year ahead of their competition, having developed technology which has amazed competitors. With this being said, there is no rush to spread the camera system to the back, though consumer demand may drive this notion. Market expectations are for the iPhone to have a TrueDepth Camera on both sides, and it isn’t beyond the realm of possibility that Apple will achieve this feat next year.

KGI’s report suggests the TrueDepth Camera exists in a purely front-facing form to help maintain selling price and cost, alongside helping meet targeted shipping times. You may consequently be asking yourself, if the TrueDepth Camera doesn’t make its way to the back camera, what does the new iPhone X 2 specs actually offer? The iPhone X 2 specs are expected to be upgraded to attract customers, which in turn will help Apple meet their goal of shifting 245-255m units in 2018, a shipment increase of 10-20% on this year’s figures.

Despite a window of opportunity arising for next year’s iPhone X 2, it would seem as if the current iPhone X will make up most sales next year. Before trying to get your head around Apple’s plans for next year, it is important to determine exactly what is being offered with the new model. Consumers can expect an OLED screen, comprising a full-screen design which is a motivating factor for prospective customers who are intrigued by the iPhone X.

KGI suggests the iPhone X 2 specs will transpose into the iPad Pro, allowing users to capitalize on Face ID support on their tablet devices. There is already news of a plus-sized version of the current iPhone X hitting the market, and by examining KGI’s findings, it is evident that the iPhone X 2 specs will be unlikely to feature any major upgrades to the current TrueDepth Camera system. With this being said, there is reason to believe that all new 2018 iPhones will feature the TrueDepth Camera technology, a promising notion for those who are marveling at this incredible feat of engineering.

Whether Apple follow through this idea or not remains to be seen, but the decision will more than likely be based on how front-facing camera and Face ID technology is received in the market. Regardless of public response, the technology has the capacity to revolutionize operations, with multiple innovative applications that extend beyond the initial perceived novelty factor. Whether you’re excited about the iPhone X 2 Specs or not, the future of the iPhone seems exciting, and is likely to be even more lucrative for the company moving forward.

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