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If you are an iPhone user, the chances are you don’t usually encounter performance glitches when it comes to your phone. Your iPhone is, after all, a gadget that you just adore and can never have enough of. Yeah, that’s how the story of every iPhone user goes. They say you would not want to use any other phone once you have had the exclusive Apple experience. Given the awesome features Apple offers with every new iPhone model, it is hard to believe otherwise.


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It is the coolest gadget that you can own nowadays, and almost everyone has an iPhone in his or her must-buy lists. Here are some fun stats about iPhones all over the world that are sure to blow your mind.

  • 94% of all profits from the smartphone industry goes to Apple
  • The most popular app on iPhone is – yeah, you guessed it right – Facebook
  • Apple has sold more than 700 million iPhones so far, raking in billions of dollars as profits
  • iPhone users usually download 51 apps per minute (such as the speed and efficiency of the handsets) which brings the count to more than 2680000 apps downloaded per year
  • One out of three high school students in the USA own an iPhone

Which way to go when your iPhone slows down

However, iPhones can slow down too, especially if you are using an older model. Amid reports of slow iPhones, poor performance issues and interruptions in loading features and functions, Apple has expressed its intentions of giving their loyal customers a fabulous deal: an update that speeds up your iPhone like never before.

Sounds too good to believe? Well, it is true. Apple launched a new update for iPhones named iOS 12 last month to speed up iPhones that have become slow over the years or with prolonged use. The latest update has a host of amazing functions that you would absolutely adore. So we have brought you a sneak peek into the whys and hows of the matter.

Here’s what the new iOS 12 is all about

Spokespeople from Apple are going gaga over the new Apple update. They say that iOS 12 is designed to solve performance and speed issues for iPhone models dating back to iPhone 5S, iPhone SE and iPhone 6. Some people are even hailing the new update as the best from Apple so far, drawing positive responses from all and sundry.

Here are the tweaks and perks that Apple introduced in the latest iOS 12 update for all iPhones.

  • Apple has worked on speeding up the animation when using navigational features of the phone. This is a primarily a ploy to create the illusion of your phone visibly speeding up. However, it is easy on the eye, and thus we vote yay for this genius trick.
  • iPhone experience is much smoother with the new update because the processors work in a tad different way than before. Apple has made changes so that the processors in your iPhones take lesser time to boost up when handling tasks.
  • The new update has a remarkably short time for jacking up the processors of iPhones for certain tasks and jacking back down almost immediately. This also provides the illusion of the tasks being finished faster. We are all smiles with this one too.
  • Finally, iPhones have sped up considerably using this new update from Apple with better performance reports and shorter loading times as part of iOS 12.

How you can get iOS 12 for your iPhone

Now that you know what the new update can do to speed up your iPhone, here is how you can get it. It is now available as a public beta download, and it is best to try it out for a few days at first to see how well it works for your phone.

The following is the step-by-step guide you must know if you want to get that new iOS 12 update on your iPhone.

  • Log on to beta.apple.com and sign up for Apple Beta Software Program
  • Run a backup of your phone using iTunes or iCloud, so you do not lose data, photos or documents after the update
  • Go to beta.apple.com/profile from Safari on your iPhone and log in to your account
  • Select ‘Download Profile’ and click Install when the dialogue box for iOS Beta Software Profile appears
  • Next, you need to put your iPhone on charging mode by plugging it into a power source
  • Go to General on your phone and proceed to Software Update section where you will see the option for iOS 12 Public Beta
  • Click on “Download and Install”
  • Finally, adhere to the prompts following the installation, and you can start using iOS 12 right away

Pro tip: Check back after a few hours if you cannot spot the iOS 12 Beta link on beta.apple.com immediately after signing in to your profile.

Bonus tips: use these tricks to speed up your iPhone

Apart from the amazing iOS 12 updates from Apple, there are plenty of hacks that you should keep in mind for times when Apple does not have an update round the corner. So what do you do when your iPhone slows down, and there is no miracle update from Apple to save it? You follow the tricks suggested below.

  • Clear RAM to make your iPhone faster in a matter of seconds.
  • Clean up the storage space in your iPhone by deleting cache or temporary files.
  • If you are still using iOS 11, you can try offloading apps to speed up your phone considerably.
  • Make use of Google Photos and iCloud to release space in your phone
  • Delete all the apps that you have not used for more than 40 days
  • Always, always, and always close all applications when switching off your iPhone screen.
  • Delete Safari cookies and temporary data.
  • Keep the location services on your iPhone disabled and only enable it when you need your phone to perform a location-specific task such as ordering in or calling a cab.
  • Disable auto downloads and background refresh for your iPhone.

Wrapping up

While the new beta update called iOS 12 from Apple sounds pretty cool, you can also try out some of the alternatives that we suggested. However, iOS 12 is the way to go for long-term solutions for speed issues with your iPhone. If you are using an older model of iPhone (say, an iPhone SE), then we recommend you go for the new iOS 12 update. It will change your iPhone experience for the better. You would thank us for suggesting it in the first place. May the force be with you, all iPhone users!

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