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The release of the iPhone SE is just around the corner, with Apple expected to announce this smaller iPhone competitor in the next few days. A four-inch smartphone from the world’s leading consumer electronics brand has been anticipated for some time, with Apple both intending to create a new revenue stream and also fulfil the vision of its late founder and CEO Steve Jobs. It seems that Jobs believed that the ideal smartphone screen size is 3.5-inches, and if Apple hasn’t quite produced such a diminutive handset with the iPhone SE, It has manufactured a unit that goes against the prevailing trends of the industry for ever larger devices.

iPhone SE release date

The iPhone SE will be unveiled at a special event on March 21, during which Apple will give pre-order and release date details for the handset. It is probable that the four-inch iPhone will be available in a couple of weeks after the March 21 event, so an April release date looks to be a certainty.


Apple is expected to dispense with the colorful and plasticky feel of previous affordable iPhone releases, and instead ensure that the iPhone SE is a more classy device altogether. The build of the iPhone SE is thus expected to be rather similar to the existing iPhone 6s, suggesting a largely aluminum and glass visage for this handset.

Also, although Apple is expected to phase out the headphone jack when the iPhone 7 is released, in favor of wireless solutions, this typical feature is expected to be included in the iPhone SE.


It is expected that the iPhone SE will feature a four-inch display and that the resolution of the screen will be equal to the existing iPhone 6s. This would mean a screen resolution of 750 x 1,334 pixels, but that the iPhone SE would exceed the 326ppi pixel density achieved by the iPhone 6s.


It has been widely reported that the iPhone SE will feature an eight-megapixel camera that will be roughly similar in quality to the one included in the iPhone 6s. This would be pretty impressive considering that the four-inch iPhone variant is intended to be a more affordable version of the premium iPhone smartphone. Some reports have also suggested that Apple will imbue this smartphone competitor with 4K video recording capabilities, suggesting that the camera will certainly be a powerful unit.

Meanwhile, with the iPhone SE being particularly targeted at younger consumers, it is suggested that Apple will arm the handset with a disproportionately powerful front-facing camera. The intention being to entice the ‘selfie-generation’ to purchase this more affordable variant. So it is possible that the iPhone SE will feature a five-megapixel front-facing camera, with the intention of delivering an outstanding selfie-capturing experience.

3D Touch

It is certainly not anticipated that Apple will include the 3D Touch system that it debuted in the iPhone range last year when the iPhone SE is unveiled. This pressure-sensitive functionality will be a way of keeping the premium iPhone series separate from its more affordable variant, and thus it is not expected that 3D Touch will be included.

Apple Pay

Apple is expected to place a particular emphasis on Apple Pay when the iPhone SE is unveiled, as the affordable variant to the premium iPhone will be viewed as a way of kickstarting the mobile payment system. Mobile payments will be a multi-billion, and even trillion dollar, industry in the coming years, and Apple is now well placed to be the market leader in this niche, as in so many others.


Reports from China have indicated that the battery in the iPhone SE will only be marginally smaller than the existing iPhone 6s. Apple will be viewing this iPhone release as a convenient unit that delivers the base features that smartphone consumers want from a handset at an affordable price point.

So a non-removable Li-Po 1,600 mAh battery has been linked with the iPhone SE, and this should deliver outstanding battery life if it does indeed come to fruition. Considering that the iPhone SE will have a significantly smaller screen than previous iPhone units – and also that Apple will include power saving functionality in iOS 10, an operating system that will eventually be compatible with the smartphone – the iPhone SE should deliver excellent battery life.


The iPhone SE will offer a budget 16GB storage model, intended to make the base version of the smartphone as cheap as possible. Elsewhere, reports have suggested that the maximum capacity of the iPhone SE will be 64GB, which is obviously somewhat less than the 128GB maximum that the iPhone 6s offered. However, these are not devices intended for mass storage, rather simple handsets which will find favor with more casual and fun-focused smartphone users.


The most recent reports on the iPhone SE suggest that it will be driven by the A9 chip found in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Considering the stripped down specifications in other areas, this will effectively ensure that the iPhone SE is an extremely slick performer.


It is expected that the iPhone SE will come complete with 1GB of RAM memory, identical to the specifications of the 2014 iPhone 6.


Firstly, an NFC chip will be present, as this is essential for the Apple Pay system. It is also expected that Bluetooth 4.2 and the enhanced 802.11ac WiFi chip found within the iPhone 6s will be present.


The iPhone SE is expected to be released in the same colors as the iPhone 6s, namely Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, and Space Gray.


Apple has naturally revealed no information regarding the pricing of this unit, and there has been a good deal of analyst speculation which could be considered less than informed. However, the general consensus of opinion is that this smartphone will launch at around the $450 price point off-contract, and there will no doubt be numerous purchasing options available for those willing to accept a contractual arrangement.

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