iPhone 8 White Color Will Not Be Available [REPORT]

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Bad news for those who were holding out hope they could buy the iPhone 8 in white. A new report from Japanese outlet, Macotakara, claims that the iPhone 8 white color will not be available. This should not be too surprising, however. The current iPhone lineup does not contain a white model. Some models have white bezels around the display but there is no actual white iPhone available. With the massive reduction in bezel size, there wouldn’t be much white to show off on the front side of an iPhone 8 anyway.

There are some other interesting pieces we can take from this report from Macotakara. One of the most interesting things from the report is the suggestion that the iPhone 8 will be revealed alongside the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus models but will not ship until a later date. The expected launch date is not as delayed as some reports have suggested but it would certainly put the iPhone 8 availability a few weeks behind the other new models. This delay is likely due to issues with manufacturing enough iPhone 8 models to meet initial demand. Some rumors are suggesting that Apple is having trouble getting their new OLED screens produced at a rate that would allow them to launch the iPhone 8 on time. We have heard this rumor a few times and, as launch day grows closer, it begins to look more and more like there may be some truth there.

Macotakara is also reporting that the Touch ID fingerprint sensor will be moved to the power/lock button on the right-hand side. There has been a lot of speculation about where the Touch ID sensor would go with the removal of the home button. Some analysts believed that Apple was trying to move the Touch ID sensor underneath the display but they were having issues with reliability. More recent reports have indicated that Apple has opted for a “Plan B” that places the Touch ID sensor under the power button. This Macotakara report would seem to corroborate what we have been hearing.

Macotakara also mentions that the iPhone 8 will feature a 3D face scanning technology. This has long been rumored and so many reports have come out suggesting the same thing that, at this point, it almost seems like a sure thing that 3D face scanning will be included in the iPhone 8. The feature will allow users to unlock their device by scanning their face. The technology will also allow iPhone 8 owners to authorize payments through Apple Pay and access secure apps.

As for a specific launch date of the iPhone 8; Macotakara speculates the the new flagship smartphone is expected to ship sometime in late October. This is not a major delay like some other reports and analysts have been suggesting. It would still ensure the iPhone 8 is on the market in time for the holiday shopping season. Although, if you have been waiting patiently for an iPhone 8, a few weeks could feel like a few years.

All in all, this report is nothing too groundbreaking. It is nice to get some more information about speculation that we have been hearing recently. When more and more reports begin stacking up and contain many of the same details, we get a more focused idea of what to expect in the lead up to the announcement of the iPhone 8. To summarize, based on this report and others… The iPhone 8 white color will not be available. Touch ID will be included in the iPhone, likely as a part of the lock/power button. 3D face scanning is pretty much a sure thing. The launch date of the iPhone 8 could be delayed by a few weeks with launch falling sometime in late-October.

Of course, all of that should be taken with a grain of salt until we get an official announcement of Apple. Still, when every leak is starting to say a lot of the same details, it’s hard to simply discount them as “leaks.” What do you think of this latest news? Are you upset the iPhone 8 white color will not be available? Are you even looking at buying an iPhone 8? Will the potential delay affect your decision at all? Let us know!

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