iPhone 8 OLED And LCD Display Rumors Continue

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For quite some time now, the rumor mill was reporting that the iPhone 8 would come with an OLED display. If accurate, this would make it the most advanced iPhone screen to date. However, as time has moved on, new rumors surrounding three new iPhones for 2017 have emerged, and considering the state of the world’s OLED supply, it seems impossible that all three could get OLED tech. So could LCD be back on the table?

iPhone 8 OLED or LCD?

In September 2017, Apple is supposed to be launching a handset which will revolutionize the smartphone market and come with features which would put any other device to shame. The rumor mill has already dubbed it “The Best Smartphone of 2017,” which seems ridiculous, seeing as seeing as it’s at least nine months away from release.

However, the iPhone, 8 is likely to sport the more premium features, which is where the OLED display comes in and is, according to rumors, a definite certainty to appear on this handset. The reason is because right now, the cost of OLED panels has dropped sufficiently to enable Apple to consider them.

iphone 8 edgeless concept
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Bezel-less curved OLED display

According to the Tech Times, the iPhone 8 will be completely bezel-less with the OLED panel reaching from edge to edge if it does get the rumored OLED tech. Additionally, it may have curved edges on either side, and the Home Butto, and Touch ID could be embedded within it.

However, if there truly is a shortage of OLEDs worldwide, where will Apple get them? According to Extremetech, Apple suppliers such as Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Interflex, and BH are creating stockpiles of OLED panel components, which Samsung Display will later use to manufacture OLED panels for the iPhone 8.

As for why Apple may include a curved display, Samsung’s curved Galaxy S Edge line has sold really well. So if Apple does go for an OLED display, it will surely add this feature too. After all, it looking to curb the tide of slowing iPhone sales.

iPhone 8 OLED And LCD Display Rumors Continue

LCD displays

The rumor mill has recently added two less premium iPhone models for 2017. Some are calling them the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, while others prefer iPhone 8s and iPhone 8 Plus. However, the problem for Apple is that if it does release three devices, there will be a shortage of OLEDs. According to industry analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo, the Cupertino tech giant would have to resort to keeping an LCD panel for the lower models.

However, this could be seen as a backward step by many Apple fans who have longed for new display tech for some time. But there could be some good news for Apple regarding LCD technology. Panasonic has been working on improving LCD technology in a bid to make it great again. In doing so, it has developed new LCD panels which offer an improved contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. Compared to standard LCDs, this is quite amazing.

What’s even more surprising about this new development is it can now control light pixel by pixel, which is similar to what OLED technology is capable of. In the long run, it should also provide better control of backlight intensity and much deeper blacks.

The other bit of good news about this new LCD tech is that it’s cheaper than OLED. However, the bad news is that Panasonic doesn’t supply panels to smartphone manufacturers. Instead, it’s more likely that it will use this tech in TVs, medical equipment and other non-smartphone products.

Final thoughts

Whatever happens with the iPhone 8, we will see a revolutionary handset in 2017. The fact that Apple’s handset sales are slowing and that next year is the iPhone’s tenth birthday point towards a set of circumstances which compel the company to do more than it usually would. It needs to bring back the “wow” factor to its flagship product. It must once again make owners of non-iPhones jealous.

So if you’re one of those who decided to forgo upgrading to the latest iPhone, you have a long time to hold your breath. Let’s just hope that Apple doesn’t let you down! In the meantime, all we can do is sit back and enjoy the rumor mill at its best because it’s likely that Apple won’t release any information before release.

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