iPhone 8 Launch Date And Price Leaks Online: Rumors And Reality

iPhone 8 Launch Date And Price Leaks Online: Rumors And Reality
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As fans of smartphones eagerly await news on the next generation handsets, it seems that the iPhone 8 launch date and price has finally been leaked. Several publications are reporting on this critical breaking news, which seems to suggest that the iPhone 8 will be unveiled at a major event in September. This is excellent news for Apple consumers considering the level of conjecture regarding the release date of the device.

$999 price tag mooted

The New York Times reports that the iPhone 8 will begin at an entry-level of $999. Although this is a pretty eye-watering sum, it cannot be considered hugely surprising. Media reports over the last few months have repeatedly suggested that the iPhone 8 will retail in the $1,000 ballpark. And it seems that Apple will keep the price just $1 under this mark in an obvious marketing ploy.

New York Times journalist Brian X Chen notes that the recommended retail price of the iPhone 8 will be $350 more than the same unit in the iPhone 7 generation. This is truly a massive price hike, yet the revolutionary features Apple intends to deliver with the smartphone could still make this price tag justifiable.

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It is also been suggested previously that the major carriers for the iPhone 8, such as T-Mobile and Verizon, will provide discounts on the smartphone, meaning that many consumers will pay as much as $999. Certainly for such a huge and significant device, it is likely that there will be a vast number of deals available.

As Apple is likely to deliver three storage tiers with the iPhone 8 generation, this means that the most expensive model could cost $1,200. This would certainly be a huge amount of money for a cellphone, and Apple must truly deliver an outstanding iPhone 8 unit if it is to justify such a figure.

September release predicted

Elsewhere, other sources suggest that Apple will unveil the iPhone 8 on September 12. This would then seem to suggest that the OLED model of the smartphone should be available before the end of the month. This implies that the iPhone 8 launch date and price has been set in stone by Apple, and all that remains now is for them to be made public.

The New York Times article also suggest that a new facial recognition system will be included in the iPhone 8, as Apple attempts to beef up security. Elsewhere, as has been widely predicted, wireless charging will debut in the iPhone 8 generation, certainly a very welcome prospect considering the battery life travails of the device. Hopefully the system capable of wireless charging at 15 feet will be embraced.

If the iPhone 8 launch date and price turn out to be correct, we only have eight few weeks to wait until the smartphone is unveiled. At this stage, it will be possible to see whether the $999 price tag is truly justify, as many consumers may consider this to be excessive. Apple has already reported that sales of the iPhone smartphone declined over the last 12 months, and this is indicative of the receding smartphone niche.

Clearly many iPhone buyers will be able to shave the cost of the next-generation smartphone by purchasing the device over a two-year contract. But with the Galaxy Note 8 also predicted to launch at around $900, it seems that the premium handsets on the market are now attracting huge price tags.

With the iPhone 8 launch date and price indicating that the smartphone will arrive before the end of September at a record RRP, two conclusions can immediately be drawn. Firstly, the previous reports suggesting that the major iPhone smartphone will be delayed until 2018, or at the very least later this year, can be considered wide of the mark.

Secondly, Apple will have to deliver some outstanding functionality if it is to attract enough consumers to its flagship product. This is undoubtedly absolutely essential, as the iPhone remains the major source of revenue for the California corporation.

Three models

The latest reports suggest that there will be three models of the iPhone 8 released in September, although it is possible that two of these may be branded as iPhone 7S upgrades. This was certainly the consensus of opinion previously, but Apple may instead be committed to a massive iPhone 8 launch featuring three brand new smartphones.

Nonetheless, the likelihood is that much more affordable iPhone units will be made available alongside the iPhone 8, and that these will not feature the OLED technology that Apple is certain to introduce this year.

Other specs

Aside from the 5.8-inch quad HD display, the next-generation iPhone 8 is expected to feature an all-glass construction. The front panel of the device will be dominated by a wraparound display, while the measurements of the smartphone are rumored to be 71 x 143 x 7.4mm. A new Apple A11 chip will also be included, ensuring that the device runs as slickly as ever.

A rear-facing Touch ID sensor we’ll also appear in the handset, while Apple will significantly improve the dual-camera mounted on the rear of the device. There has been talk of a new system to improve shooting in darker conditions; typically a major problem for smartphone cameras.

With the iPhone 8 launch date and price now in the public domain, it is also suggested that Apple will include augmented reality technology in order to justify its muted price tag. There will be support for LTE speeds up to 450Mbps, and the device will also feature increased RAM memory and an improved battery.

With the consumer electronics giant working on diversifying its product range with such items as a 4K Apple TV and electric Apple Car, it may be that the iPhone 8 launch date and price are wide of the mark. But for now it seems that the most important mobile products of the year is indeed imminent.

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