iPhone 8: Design, Display and Camera Rumors

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Over the last week or so, I’ve written a few articles about possible iPhone 7 specs and the rumors doing the rounds about it, but it seems as though the rumor mill has taken a turn for the worst and is now speculating about what a possible iPhone 8 may have to offer in the not too distant future.

So, in this article I’m going to tell all that I know about (what the rumors are saying) the iPhone 8, its design, features and specifications. Oh and anything else I can discover along the way!

iPhone 8 Design

Recently I wrote about how the iPhone 7 would possibly be almost identical in design to that of the 6S, and there seems to be a consensus between reviewers and critics alike about this. However, from what I’m reading and being told about the 2017 model of iPhone is something completely different!

In the most recent episode of his podcast, popular Apple blogger John Gruber revealed that the iPhone 8 will have an edge to edge display. This means that the familiar looking top and bottom bezels will be gone.

He also went on to say that features like Touch ID, Speakers and a selfie camera will be hidden beneath the display of the iPhone 8. Exactly how he’s privy to such guarded information is difficult to understand, but the features he revealed are within the realms of possibility.

OLED and Water Resistant Display

The smartphone market is awash with different handset all offering different levels of water resistance, and this is one area where Apple has lagged behind with its earlier models. So with that in mind it’s probably a good bet that we’ll see an iPhone 8 with at least an IP67 rating or even higher. Some rumors are suggesting that a silicon coating could cover the display and is unlikely to hamper any improvements in display quality.

What’s known as fact about Apple’s future display technology is, that it recently signed a deal with Samsung for it to supply OLED screens. John Gruber the Apple Blogger I mentioned earlier recently said:

I’ve heard – is that it will be an all-new form factor.

Imagine the iPhone 8 with a flexible OLED display; the handset would probably have curved edges. Which in-turn would make this iPhone possibly the 1st to be completely button free! What’s also being said about this display is that it could reach mammoth sizes somewhere in the range of 5.8-inches. If that is truly going to be the size of 2017s iPhone, I personally will want one, as I really like large phones.

Camera with Dual Sensors

The camera performance on Apple’s 6, 6s and 6 Plus even with what many critics thought where inferior specifications, have managed to hold their own against 21+ megapixel Android handsets. But a company should never rest on its laurels and Apple is rumoured to be upgrading its snapper too.

iPhone 8 camera

A recent rumor suggests that with the iPhone 8’s camera, Apple will be return to a flush design. This will leave the protruding design of previous models behind and leave the way for Apple to introduce dual sensor technology. This dual sensor technology will enable the camera to capture clearer and sharper images in both low light conditions and when a user is moving.

Final Thoughts

As it stands right now, it is clear that we have a long time to wait before Apple acknowledges its plans for an iPhone 8. The fact that it has yet to concretely confirm anything about the iPhone 7, goes to show just how much the rumors I’ve talked about are just that.

Right now, I think everyone should probably take a deep breath and let the iPhone 7 (if it’s even going to be called that) be rumoured about and then confirmed by Apple. Before we start jumping the gun and rushing head-long into what the iPhone 8 may bring!

After all, if the iPhone 7 does launch in September, Apple will have a whole year to learn by its mistakes and fingers crossed bring us an even better handset in 2017.

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