iPhone 7S To Have No ‘Chin And Forehead’ [Report]

iPhone 7S To Have No ‘Chin And Forehead’ [Report]
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Consistent rumors about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 7 retaining the design elements of the iPhone 6S might have disappointed some Apple fans. But don’t forget that the company will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the iPhone in 2017, and Apple will celebrate it in style! The 2017 iPhone 7S will bring some radical design changes that will blow your mind. Perhaps that’s what Tim Cook was talking about earlier this month when he said the future iPhones will have features that will make you wonder “how did I live without this?”

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Front camera, speaker will be embedded into the display

John Gruber of Daring Fireball said in the latest episode of his podcast The Talk Show that the 2017 iPhone model will be “completely getting rid of the chin and forehead.” It means the phone will have no side, top and bottom bezels at all. All the sensors, front-facing camera, speaker, and home button will somehow be embedded into the display itself.

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It’s not something Gruber read on the Internet or heard in the rumor mill. He heard it directly from the Apple community. John Gruber is well-connected within the Apple community and his track record shows that he has reliable intel on what the tech giant is working on. And recent supply chain leaks lend further credibility to his statement.

Will it be called iPhone 7S or iPhone 8?

Going by Apple’s tradition, the 2017 iPhone should be called iPhone 7S. But Barclays analysts say that it will be such a huge upgrade that Apple will ditch the ‘S’ moniker and jump to name it iPhone 8. Past reports suggest that Apple was working to introduce a flexible OLED display in 2017 that would allow for an edge-to-edge display design. In fact, Apple has awarded a multi-billion-dollar contract to Samsung for the supply of 100 million OLED displays beginning 2017.

Other rumors indicate that the iPhone 7S would ditch the aluminum body in favor of a glass shell. The device is also said to feature long-range wireless charging. Apple has been working on the touch and display driver integration (TDDI) chip since last year. It would allow the company to embed the Touch ID sensor directly into the display, allowing it to get rid of the home button.


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