Rumors Of iPhone 7 Without Headphone Jack Make Users Furious

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Apple’s iPhone 7 is rumored to lack the standard 3.5 mm headphone jack, and this has left hundreds of thousands of users furious as they are already opposing the idea. An online petition titled “Apple is ditching the standard headphone jack to screw consumers and the planet” has already been supported by a huge number of people.Rumors Of iPhone 7 Without Headphone Jack Make Users Furious

Apple iPhone 7: without a jack?

The petition at already attracted more than 227,000 signatories and is not too far from 250,000 signatories, which is a seemingly arbitrary goal. The rumors, which started late last year, suggested that the new iPhone will do away with the jack. If it’s correct, users will need to connect headphones via Bluetooth or the Lightning port of the phone. Support for both options is already available with the current iPhones, but the old 3.5 mm jack is used the most even now.

Rumors of the iPhone 7 without a headphone jack is definitely good news for iPhone users who are looking forward to a brand new phone having brand new technology instead of the old things they are comfortable using.

Flawed logic

Many of the currently existing earphones, headsets and accessories will be rendered useless with the loss of the jack, and this is the main concern of the petition. The concern is understandable, but there do exist flaws in its logic, says a report from SMH.

The first is that the company has not yet confirmed any of the rumors, but in all probability, Apple must have done its homework already and would not change its mind because of pressure from a bunch of random users. The most important point is that not all opposing users will be buying an iPhone 7.

For people with earlier versions of the iPhone, the only difference will be that they won’t get access to eventual features of the device after it is released. The people for whom having a device with an old headphone jack is very important can rest assured that they will have ample options to choose from.

The secondary stated intention of the petition is also flawed as it states that by ditching the jack in the iPhone 7, Apple is forcing users to throw away their old headphones, which would ultimately lead to the creation of a pile of e-waste. The signatories of this petition can commit themselves to not buying every new iPhone to minimize e-waste, and this surely is a much more effective solution, the report says.

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