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iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 6S – How The New iPhone Will Improve

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Apple will release the iPhone 7 during 2016, and the fact that this handset features an entirely new number means that it will represent a new iPhone generation. With the iPhone 6s having been another successful release for Apple, how will the consumer electronics giant ensure that the iPhone 7 improves on its predecessor? Here is a rundown of the latest rumors, leaks and speculation regarding the way that the iPhone 7 will differ from the iPhone 6s.

iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 6S - How The New iPhone Will Improve

iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6S – Design

It is expected that the design of the iPhone 7 will be rather similar to the iPhone 6s, particularly as recent Apple designs have been well received. Apple usually offers a few surprises in the design department, and the external appearance of the iPhone 7 will certainly be somewhat different to the existing iPhone 6s, but not a vast departure. We should expect another aluminum and glass visage, but Apple could, for example, consider slimming down the bezel included in the handset.

However, there are a couple of possibilities that Apple is tinkering with for the iPhone 7. Firstly, this could be the iPhone unit that finally sees sapphire glass introduced to its construction. This has been rumored for some time, and it is well known that Apple has industrial quantities of this substance in reserve. In addition, the consumer electronics behemoth has already implemented sapphire glass in its Apple Watch smartwatch.

Additionally, it has been suggested in some quarters that Apple will eliminate the unsightly camera bulge that has been present in recent iPhone iterations. This would make for a sleeker unit. Finally, there will be call in some quarters for a curved screen unit to compete with the Samsung Galaxy devices of this nature, and we know that Apple has already patented this technology.


It is certain that the iPhone 7 will launch with a standard smartphone and iPhone 7 Plus phablet unit, but it has also been speculated over the last few ways that the could be a third model released as well. Not all analysts agree with this assertion, but an iPhone Pro has been mooted to be an upgraded version of the existing iPhone Plus model.


There will be pressure on Apple to significantly improve the display in the iPhone range this time out, as the California-based company has fallen somewhat behind the competition in this department. Thus, Apple could consider upping the resolution of the iPhone 7 smartphone to full HD resolution, while we could also see a quad HD phablet.


The camera in the iPhone 6s was the best unit that Apple has ever included in a smartphone, but this is one area where there have already been a significant number of rumors regarding improvements. The iPhone 7 has been linked with some spectacular camera technology, including the possibility of a DSLR snapper, as well as a unique periscope unit.

There is also the likelihood that Apple will implement a dual-lens device as part of the iPhone 7 portfolio, although analysts believe that this will not be included in all models of the smartphone. The megapixel rating of the camera could also be bumped up from the eight-megapixel device that was included in the iPhone 6s, with a 12-megapixel snapper on par with the existing Samsung Galaxy series having been particularly suggested.

iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 6S - How The New iPhone Will Improve


This is another area where Apple will feel obliged to deliver some form of significant improvement, as the battery life of Apple devices has been criticized in recent generations. So we should see the battery in the iPhone 7 significantly increased from the non-removable Li-Po 1,715 mAh cell included in the previous iteration in the series.

One would hope that Apple ensures that the battery in the iPhone 7 is at least 2,000 mAh in capacity, and Apple will also likely work on improved power saving functionality in the next version of the iOS operating system in order to squeeze every last drop of juice out of the battery performance.


There have been rumors in the media already that Apple will launch an iPhone 7 unit that features double the storage of the 128GB maximum that was possible in the iPhone 6s generation. This would mean a 256GB iPhone 7 was available, and the general consensus is that this would not be achieved via micro SD functionality.

Processor and chipset

The iPhone 7 will be driven by a new A10 processor and M10 chipset, with Apple expected to make significant clock speed improvements over the previous iPhone generation. It is always difficult to know precisely what Apple has in store in this department, as the consumer electronics giant keeps its cards extremely close to its chest.

New features

Apple is expected to ensure that the iPhone 7 is significantly dustproof and waterproof, as the company emphasizes the health-tracking qualities of its devices in 2016. It is also believed that the iPhone 7 will eliminate the headphone socket that has been a prominent feature of the smartphone for many years, with Apple instead expected to rely on wireless functionality instead. Apple has other ideas for the iPhone 7 as well, but there have been reports which suggest that the ongoing court case with the FBI over the Apple operating system will possibly scupper some of the plans that the corporation has for the handset.


It is doubtful that Apple is in a position to increase the price of the iPhone 7 in comparison to the iPhone 6s, considering its own recent sales figures and predictions. It has already been conceded by the Cupertino-based company that it will likely sell less iPhone units in 2016 than last year; the first time that this has occurred since the iPhone was launched back in 2007. iPhone fans should thus benefit from a price freeze when the iPhone 7 is released, and this should make the smartphone a particularly attractive proposition worldwide.

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