iPhone 7 Could Be Thinner But Offer Better Battery Life

iPhone 7 Could Be Thinner But Offer Better Battery Life
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Smartphone battery life is a bane of modern life, with many devices failing to last a whole day of heavy use.

While technology companies increase the power of their smartphones, and include ever higher quality screens, the question of battery life doesn’t seem to go away. The latest incarnation of the Apple iPhone still struggles, with many iPhone 6s users complaining about the battery.

iPhone 7 Could Be Thinner But Offer Better Battery Life

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iPhone 7 – Battery life a bane for smartphone users

As Reed argues, the quest for thinner smartphones has come at the cost of battery life. He argues that he would rather have a slightly thicker iPhone that was able to sustain charge for a longer period of time.

However it now looks as though Apple may have come up with a way to make the iPhone 7 thinner while also improving battery life. PhoneArena has pointed out a new rumor from Korean publication ETNews which says that Apple is going to use a new chipset.

This chipset will allow the phone to be thinner while including a bigger battery. Apple will reportedly use a “fan-out” packaging method to fit the A10 chipset into the phone.

“Fan-Out” technology to allow for bigger battery in thinner phone

“Fan Out technology is a technology that increases number of I/O (Input/Output) terminals within a package by pulling out wiring of I/O terminals to outside from a semiconductor chip (Die), which is a previous step before packaging,” ETNews explains. “It is most cost effective from production cost perspective if [the] number of I/O terminals increases within a package while still decreasing size of a chip.”

In other words the iPhone 7 will have a compact chipset which takes up less room needed for the motherboard and antenna, thereby leaving more room for the battery. There has been no confirmation that Apple plans to do so, and so far it is just a rumor.

However the fact remains that on this evidence there doesn’t need to be a trade off between the thinness of a smartphone and its battery life. That is surely music to the ears of consumers who freak out when their battery gets down below 20%.

Apple and Samsung gearing up for titanic battle

In the age of the smartphone some people feel utterly lost without their technological companion. Videos have surfaced from around the world of some truly amazing meltdowns caused by a lack of battery life.

One woman in Hong Kong even burst into tears and had a tantrum on public transport, leaving onlookers bemused. While smartphones are a real bonus for those who need to work on the move, it is quite worrying that some people have become so reliant on them.

However if you are one of those people then this latest rumor will be of some comfort. If Apple really has found a way to make a sleeker iPhone that can go for longer between charges, there will be of lot of happy consumers out there.

Other rumors regarding the next generation iPhone continue to swirl, including rumors of a high-end iPhone 7 Pro that will feature a new dual-camera system. The unit should dramatically improve performance in low light, and was developed by Israeli company LinX.

Apple is gearing up for a huge battle with rival Samsung in the high-end smartphone market. It has been reported that Samsung will release its Galaxy 8 model in 2017 with a foldable OLED display. Apple needs to stay on its toes if it is to avoid losing customers.

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