iPhone 7 Real Pic Or Not?

iPhone 7 Real Pic Or Not?
Image Source: Apple

To those who are fanatical about Apple and its products, all of the recent iPhone 7 rumors must have felt like torture. And with all the rumoured specs and concept images doing the rounds with no news from Apple on the subject, it must have felt like waiting for Christmas. However, images have recently been published via Weibo of what is supposed to be the real iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Real Pic Or Not?

Is it a real iPhone7?

If you’ve been following the iPhone rumor news here on Valuewalk of late, then you will know that almost everyone who can have an opinion about the iPhone 7 and even a possible iPhone 8 have chosen to voice it this year. Many of those voices have used them to cast negative vibes about the iPhone 7. Playing down Apple’s urge to make it more than just an iteration from the previous iPhone 6S.

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These rumors have permeated every aspect of social media, and have in large been fuelled by Apple’s silence, but as this is normal for the mobile giant. Often it is left to those who work for its production partners in China to slowly leak images of what a possible new iPhone will look like.

For example, take a look at this full-length image of what is supposed to be a real iPhone 7:

The image above was posted on Weibo (Via 9to5Mac) by a user with the name “Qui Han tie,” and came with two other images of internal components, which were also supposedly from the iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 looks like an iPhone 6s

As for what for what I can see / deduce from this image, it looks as though as expected some rumors where correct and others way off the mark. As it does not look as though (if it’s a real iPhone 7) Apple has decided to design something spectacularly new, and has instead opted for what looks like a more iPhone 6 and 6s like design.

However, there are some obvious differences that can be seen. So starting with the camera the one in the image looks huge compared to the one on the iPhone 6s. Which, could indicate that the camera on the iPhone 7 could be a significant improvement over its predecessor. But, as with everything else until that is confirmed it is still a guess.

A personal disappointment for me with the image is that it clearly shows that the iPhone 7 could still have antenna lines, yes; they look to have been redesigned, making them much thicker. Which, makes them as ugly as before however, I am hoping that Apple makes a waterproof iPhone 7 and I am encouraged by the images we’ve seen. As they clearly show that this device has less holes, which could mean water proofing is taking place.

Also if existing rumors are to be believed, then this next iPhone could have no headphone jack and instead connect to headphones via Bluetooth. And maybe even a Lightning Connector! As for other more recent speculation 256GB of on-board storage is being talked about as an option. However, and sadly it could be that Apple will more than likely stick with the 16GB to 64GB storage variation.


At this point I am a little confused; the images we’ve seen today could be of a pre-production model. So with no confirmation from Apple to prove either way, it is difficult to get excited about what could end up being no more than a hoax. So with that firmly in mind, I like to see and talk about what new Apple products may or may not come to exist. But I always wait for the official launch to be certain.

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