Will Apple release an iPhone 7 Pro?

Will Apple release an iPhone 7 Pro?
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The Apple iPhone 7 is expected to launch this fall and rumors are swirling about the features that it may or may not include, as well as the possible arrival of the iPhone 7 Pro.

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Among those rumors is the idea that Apple is about to do away with the headphone jack in order to make the handset thinner. Another is that the iPhone 7 will make use of a revolutionary dual-camera system, while it is also thought that Apple will introduce an iPhone 7 Pro to top out the range. The move would bring the iPhone into line with the MacBook and iPad ranges.Will Apple release an iPhone 7 Pro?

Will there be a dual-camera system?

Evidence continues to mount that dual camera technology will be introduced, but it is not clear how it will be featured in the iPhone 7. In fact there are two different hypotheses on the matter.

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The first is put forward by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, a usually reliable source of information on Apple. He believes that the dual-camera system will only be included on the larger iPhone 7 Plus, which is bad news for those who want the better camera but don’t like phablets.

Kuo believes that introducing the camera system to both models could create issues in the supply chain. Another idea is that by giving the iPhone 7 Plus a different piece of hardware, Apple could attract more buyers to the larger model.

As it stands the iPhone 6s Plus accounted for just 10% of iPhone sales towards the end of last year, according to Digital Trends. Apple may want to boost that figure to nearer 50%.

Apple set to introduce an iPhone 7 Pro?

The second hypothesis is that Apple is about to introduce a third iPhone 7 model. This halo model will feature the dual-camera setup in a range-topping iPhone 7 Pro that appeals to power users.

However information that has surfaced so far is questionable, according to MacRumors. Reports mentioning the new halo model have so far been emanating from Chinese sites like MyDrivers.

Another possibility is that the iPhone Pro might not be launched this September, but rather in 2017. A Digitimes report carried by 9 to 5 Mac suggests that Apple is planning an iPhone Pro for 2017 or 2018. The flagship model will apparently feature a 5.8ins OLED display and the much vaunted dual-camera system.

It is thought that Apple will move from LCD displays to OLED alternatives around 2018. However the report says that reports of an iPhone Pro should be “taken with a grain of salt” at this stage.

Other rumors continue to swirl

As well as the dual-camera system and a halo iPhone 7 Pro, the next most popular rumor is the idea that the headphone jack will be removed. These rumors have sparked controversy as they will force users to get wireless headphones. While Apple may include a pair with the phone, serious audiophiles will probably not be happy with the sound quality.

The controversy sparks comparisons with the arrival of the Lightning connector in 2012, which forced users to buy new accessories. Although Apple was widely criticized the storm quickly blew over.

Whether or not we see major changes with the iPhone 7 in September, it looks as though there will be some major moves in the high-end smartphone market in the next couple of years. Reports surfaced recently that rival Samsung is working on a device that will boast a foldable OLED display.

Apple will have to come up with some innovations of its own to match that.

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