iPhone 7 Plus Image Suggests Dual Camera [LEAK]

iPhone 7 Plus Image Suggests Dual Camera [LEAK]
Image Source: Apple

A newly leaked picture of the iPhone 7 Plus has thrown more fuel on the fire that the latest Apple smartphone will feature a dual camera on the back of the device.

iPhone 7 Plus Image Suggests Dual Camera [LEAK]

Dual Camera

Will they, wont they, with regards to a dual camera, has been a question on many lips as the approach of the latest iPhone draws near. At one point it looked like ‘technical difficulties’ had kyboshed the second lens, but this gossip was quickly dismissed.

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The leaked picture, which has the iPhone “covered in a protective film or something,” according to the source of the picture, shows a definite dual camera. The image also seems to show that the phone will include a smart connector port.

The image is almost identical to an earlier leaked photograph so we can assume, somewhat cautiously, that it is genuine.

The second lens is used for optical zooming. Standard phone camera lenses are fixed at the same level of zoom, and traditionally additional hardware was necessary to add zoom to the camera, but the difficulty was always getting the greater depth this required into the ultra thin phones we have all come to expect.

This second lens can offer greater optionality on the zoom capabilities.

Other features of the iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 Plus is expected to hit stores later this year, and if precedent is followed, then we can expect the general public will have their hands on the phones in September.

As well as the second camera lens on the back, rumors also suggest that it might support wireless charging, although this is looking less likely. There is also talk of a 3500mAh battery.

One big topic of debate has been whether the 3.5mm headset jack will stay or go. If the latest images emerging from China (never the most reliable of sources…) then it appears that it will stay as part of the phone.

It is believed that Apple will release three versions of the iPhone 7. A 4.7-inch sized smartphone, the regular 5.5-inch Plus model and a bells and whistles 5.5-inch Pro device. Again, this is all speculation but the Chinese leaked images do show three separate and distinct versions, (all without their external casing).

With a few months until the release the speculation will no doubt continue unabated. Until we get any official word from Apple then everything is guesswork and interpretations and we know Apple won’t say a word ahead of the unveiling of its new products.

iPhone 7 expected to have disappointing sales

Apple is having a tougher of time of things at the moment, especially in the smartphone arena, and the garden is certainly looking a little less rosy. The first three months of 2016 saw the first time quarterly sales have dropped for iPhones, and judging by all available information, it looks like 2016 may see the first year-on-year sales decrease.

The iPhone 7 has received many gloomy forecasts. It is thought that the smaller incremental improvements are not enough to motivate customers to go and replace their existing phones and instead people will wait for the iPhone 8 which looks set to be a much greater leap forward in technological capabilities.

The iPhone has been the bedrock that Apple has built their modern success. If that business starts to struggle then Apple will need a new blockbuster product, but recent history doesn’t look good. Since the death of Steve Jobs the only new product to enter the market has been the Apple Watch, which has had a lukewarm reception.

There are reports of Apple working on a car, and of course the biggest open secret is the hundreds of millions being poured into AI, but what the future holds for Apple, and specifically the iPhone 7, we will all just have to wait and see.

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