iPhone 7: Improvements Over iPhone 6 [RUMORS]

iPhone 7: Improvements Over iPhone 6 [RUMORS]
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It is looking increasingly likely that Apple will release an iPhone 7 in 2016, delaying its flagship smartphone in order to deliver a revolutionary device. So what can we expect from the iPhone 7 when it is released, and how will it differ from the existing iPhone 6? Here is a rundown on the sort of specs that Apple will include in this critical mobile release.

iPhone 7: Improvements Over iPhone 6 [RUMORS]

iPhone 7 – Build and Design

It has been reported in recent weeks that Apple will include a revolutionary form of aluminum in the construction of the iPhone 7. This is apparently intended to ensure that Apple does not have to endure any further ‘bendgate’ headlines when this premium smartphone hits the stores.

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Additionally, Apple could utilize sapphire glass in the production of the iPhone 7, particularly as it has recently been included in the Apple Watch. This was perpetually linked with the iPhone 6, although the 2014 smartphone still relied on gorilla glass in order to protect its display.

Curved screen focus

And displays will also be a central focus of the iPhone 7, with strong speculation indicating that Apple will release his first ever curved screen version of the iPhone. These rumors have been intensified by the fact that Apple has already had a patent approved for a curved screen, and it is possible that this will emerge when the iPhone 7 is released.

Samsung has been reported as being likely to place a much greater emphasis on curved screen technology when it releases the Galaxy S7 next year, and Apple may wish to respond to this directly with its own curved display variant of the iPhone.


In addition to the physical design of the screen, there will be big pressure on Apple to deliver a superior screen resolution. The iPhone series has fallen significantly behind is most obvious rival, the Samsung Galaxy range, in this department in recent years, and even though the iPhone remains hugely popular, Apple should address this as soon as possible.

Thus, there have been rumors already that the iPhone 7 will include a 4K resolution display in the phablet-sized iPhone 7 Plus. This would suggest that the smaller smartphone-sized iPhone 7 would feature a quad HD display.

These particular rumors may turn out to be rather optimistic about Apple’s intentions, particularly when one considers that the iPhone 6 did not even feature a full HD display. It seems far more likely that Apple will instead upgrade the larger iPhone 7 Plus to Quad HD resolution, while we will also see the first ever full HD smartphone-sized iPhone as well.

Processor and Chipset

With Samsung having recently ditched the Qualcomm Snapdragon series for the release of the Galaxy S6, it would not be surprising if Apple were to follow suit when the iPhone 7 is released. There have been overheating problems attributed to the Qualcomm series of processors, and Apple will likely wish to avoid any such problems considering that the iPhone 7 will be a seriously powerful device.

In accordance with this, there have been numerous rumors linking Apple with a range of different chip manufacturers. Samsung has always been involved in the manufacture of iPhone chips previously, along with Qualcomm as a processor producer, but this could change with the iPhone 7.

Reports have linked Apple with both Sony and Intel as the company continues the internal process of investigating their production of the iPhone 7, and either one of these links would ultimately be big news for the Apple Corp. It would also be particularly welcome for Sony, considering that its mobile phone division has been haemorrhaging significant amounts of money in recent years, even by the corporation’s own estimations.


One of the most revolutionary aspects of the iPhone 7 may be its camera, and there has been a rash of speculation relating to this aspect of the handset. There are three core rumors currently related to the future of the iPhone 7 camera, and each of these has some credibility.

Early reports suggested that Apple was producing a dual-lens snapper for the iPhone 7, which was said to be of professional quality. Then it was also suggested that the consumer electronics giant would base its future camera on a unique form of periscope-like technology. And even more recently, reports have emerged which suggests that Apple could have two rear cameras included in the make-up of the iPhone 7.

Whichever of these rumors turns out to be correct, it is clear that Apple intends to significantly upgrade the capabilities of the iPhone 7 snapper when it is released.

New features

Apple could embrace all sorts of new features when the iPhone 7 is unveiled. One of the most likely of these is wireless charging, which would be a massive boon for the iPhone range considering the relatively paltry battery life that it typically delivers. Force Touch will also probably be updated in order to provide the sort of functionality which already appears in the Apple Watch. Apple will probably also spring a few surprises that no analysts have anticipated.

Other specs

Apple will likely double the available RAM in the iPhone 7 range, and it has also been suggested that there will be a 256 GB storage version of the mobile when it hits the stores. The iphone 7 series could also embrace a true quad-core processor, while a new iOS operating system for the iPhone 7 is also a certainty.

Release date

It appears increasingly unlikely that Apple will delay the iPhone 7 until 2016. This could mean a completely different release schedule to the iPhone 6, with some market observers suggesting that we could see the iPhone 7 around May of next year. However, Apple is attempting to arm this particular smartphone release with a huge amount of new functionality and power, so it may instead be significantly delayed. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the iPhone 7 release in October 2016, precisely two years after the release of the iPhone 6.

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