iPhone 7 To Have Four Speakers, Hints New Leak

iPhone 7 To Have Four Speakers, Hints New Leak
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In the past few weeks, there have been contradictory reports with some suggesting the iPhone 7 will have a second speaker while others claiming that there would be no such thing as a second speaker. The second speaker was expected to replace the 3.5mm headphone jack. Now a new report from a reliable French publication claims that there will be as many as four different speakers in the iPhone 7!

iPhone 7 To Have Four Speakers, Hints New Leak

Prototype iPhone 7 case leaked

Steven Hemmerstoffer of NoWhereElse.fr has obtained several images of a prototype rear case for the next-gen iPhone. The images were taken from a promotional video made by an Italian smartphone accessories maker that had received a prototype iPhone 7 case ahead of the phone’s September launch. The leaked photos show two speaker grilles cut into the top and another two on the bottom of the case.

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It is unclear what the benefits of four speakers on such a small device would be. It’s worth noting that both models of the iPad Pro come with four speakers for better sound quality. Besides four speakers, the images show a new layout for the rear camera and flash. The camera is housed on the top-right of the phone. However, the flash and mic are right below the camera rather than on the side.

iPhone 7 to have a ‘more complex design’

The camera hole appears larger than it is on the iPhone 6S. The leaked cases contradict previous leaks that suggested that the iPhone 7 will have a similar design to the iPhone 6S, except for the removal of the headphone jack and rear antenna bands. There are also rumors that the next-gen iPhone will be dustproof and waterproof for the first time.

The leaked case is intended for the 4.7-inch model. The bigger 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus is said to feature a dual-camera setup. Apple partners Foxconn and Pegatron have already started mass hiring in China ahead of the iPhone 7 production. At least one model of the next-gen iPhone will have a “more complex design” requiring manufacturers to spend more time on training employees.

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