iPhone 7 Concept Designs That You Would Love to Own

iPhone 7 Concept Designs That You Would Love to Own

In recent weeks I’ve been looking into all the chatter about the soon (September) to be launched iPhone 7. This includes all of the rumors about specs and the various pictures that have been released and have been unofficially dubbed as the real iPhone 7. However, real or not some of my favourite rumors are not really rumors at all! They are in fact iPhone 7 concept designs, some of which have been seriously gorgeous looking handsets, which any smartphone loving user would love to own.

iPhone 7 Concept ideas

So in this article I am going to share with you a five of my favourites and explain what I think the designer had in mind / hoped Apple may have in mind if the iPhone 7 concept was a true reflection of what Apple was going to produce.

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iPhone 7 Concept Designs That You Would Love to Own

In this the first of my favourite iPhone 7 concept designs, it is easy to see that the designer is drawing inspiration from Samsung in the hope that Apple my design an edge-to-edge display. With one edge being curved to display notifications as with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. Personally I like the S7 edge, but I doubt Apple is in the business of using something as obvious as this in the iPhone 7’s design, do you?

Moving on to this 2nd iPhone 7 concept which looks to be a modular phone design, this is where you can take out specific components and replace them with others made by the manufacturer. As it stands modular technology has been in the works for a few years with Motorola first making promises in 2012. However, it is LG with its G5 handset that currently rules the modular roost and it is the only modular handset I can think of that is currently available.

Again this iPhone 7 concept looks to take cues from LG with its fully curved edge-to-edge display. Will Apple decide to go down what I and many think could be a technological dead end? Who knows, but the fact that the only truly curved screened handsets to be released so far have been the LG G Flex series 1&2. Samsung has introduced slight curves onto the displays of its latest line of Galaxy handsets, but they can’t be considered to be true curved displays.

In this the last of my favourite iPhone 7 concept images, the designer has stuck with what looks like a more traditional Apple design. Yes, it looks like it is an almost edge-to-edge display but the bezel is still there. Furthermore, if you look at the rear of this concept design it looks as though the antenna lines have been moved and positioned so that they don’t look as obvious. They look almost as if they’ve become a part of what could be a back plate.

Exactly what the designer was trying to achieve with this concept I’m not sure, the home button is still present and the display does not encompass the entire face of the handset. All in all it looks a lot like the previous iPhone’s!

Final Thoughts

What do you think of these designs, is there one that you like above the others? Personally I think the modular iPhone 7 concept is the best. If Apple went down this route it could produce many different modular add-ons that would enable a user to personalize their iPhone.

Share your thoughts about the iPhone 7 and what you think / hope Apple will bring to the table, in the comments section below.

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