iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2, PlayStation Neo Launching On September 7

iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2, PlayStation Neo Launching On September 7
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September 7 could be the most important and exciting date in the history of technology. Don’t believe us? Read on for an account of the products mooted to be unveiled on this notable Wednesday.

iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2, PlayStation Neo Launching On September 7
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iPhone 7

The next generation iPhone is set to be unveiled on September 7, according to the latest reports from Bloomberg. This would tally with the release schedule for previous versions of the iconic Apple smartphone.

With the iPhone having been afforded a new numeral, this is a next generation device intended to move the iPhone concept forward. However, the consensus of opinion in the analyst community is that this will be a relatively conservative iPhone release, with a complete redesign of the iPhone unit being saved for 2017 and the tenth anniversary of the iPhone series.

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However, new wireless music playing capabilities, a new Home button featuring haptic feedback, and a dual-lens camera offering improved photography in darker conditions are all expected to be included. A raft of spec upgrades can also be anticipated, and there’s no doubt that this will be one of the highlights of the technology year.

iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2, PlayStation Neo Launching On September 7
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PlayStation Neo

The mid-generation console upgrade to the PlayStation 4 is being hotly tipped and anticipated in the video gaming world, and it seems that we just got one step closer to the ultimate release of this device. An official PlayStation Meeting event set for 3pm on September 7 in New York City is expected to herald the unveiling of the PlayStation Neo, according to reports from the gaming industry.

This will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of the entire technology year, and is one of the most significant events in the history of the video games industry. It is rather rare, and certainly in recent years unheard of, for manufacturers to release mid-generation consoles. But Sony has had to move to release this machine for a variety of reasons related to what is a fast-moving and ever-evolving industry.

In particular, it is believed that the PlayStation Neo will play a major role in supporting the forthcoming PlayStation VR helmet. The existing PlayStation 4 may struggle to deal with virtual reality, even though Sony is insisting that its peripheral will be compatible with its existing console. So the PlayStation Neo will be a souped up version of the PlayStation 4, offering developers more power to dabble with new technologies in the gaming landscape.

iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2, PlayStation Neo Launching On September 7
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Apple Watch 2

Apple’s second-generation smartwatch could also be unveiled alongside the iPhone 7, with the consumer electronics giant hoping to build on the modest successes of the original Apple Watch. While no company has been able to demonstrate that smartwatches are as essential as smartphones have become for most people, the Apple Watch nonetheless already dominates the smartwatch niche, and has established Apple as the major player in this marketplace.

Nonetheless, the feeling persists regarding the initial smartwatch from the Californian corporation that it simply does not deliver enough functionality to make purchasing worthwhile. So Apple must demonstrate with the Apple Watch 2 that it can deliver a unique and attractive package for consumers which really gets people excited about the concept of a smartwatch.

Central to this process will be ensuring that the Apple Watch 2 is considerably less reliant on being tethered to an attendant iPhone. Many people reflected that there was little point in actually utilizing the original Apple Watch, as effectively it was essentially useless without the iPhone 6S. So although the Apple Watch 2 may launch alongside the iPhone 7, Apple is expected to create a significant demarcation between the two devices.

This will mean that the Apple Watch 2 is likely to have its own Wi-Fi functionality, making this much more of a standalone smartwatch. A camera is also anticipated, making live video calling possible. It will be intriguing to see what Apple has in store for this second-generation smartwatch, and we may only have a few weeks to find out.

iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2, PlayStation Neo Launching On September 7

MacBook Pro

The MacBook is perhaps one of the most recognisable of the major Apple devices, and remains one of the most popular. Despite the best efforts of other laptop and notebook manufacturers to rival Apple’s creation, the MacBook is an iconic and most loved machine, and one that has barely been matched elsewhere.

Reports have suggested that the Cupertino-based corporation is planning a significant overhaul of its laptop range in 2016, which would represent the first time that the MacBook has seriously evolved in the last four years. The updated notebooks will be thinner, and will reportedly include a touch screen strip for function keys. Graphic processors will also be updated in order to ensure that the MacBook is a more gamer-friendly device.

It is not certain that the MacBook will be unveiled on September 7, but some industry analysts have suggested this as a possibility. Apple spokesman Bill Evans has thus far declined to comment.

iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2, PlayStation Neo Launching On September 7
Source: Pixabay

Pokémon Go Plus

Finally, the video games industry moves incredibly quickly, which ensures that the talk of the gaming nation at present is the epic No Man’s Sky. But if you can cast your minds back to a couple of weeks ago(!), Pokémon Go was all the rage, and is still making bundles of cash for Nintendo.

The Pokémon chasing and capturing game will benefit from the release of Pokémon Go Plus in the coming weeks; a wearable bracelet with Bluetooth connectivity. This new piece of hardware will enable improved interactivity with the game, making the Pokémon Go experience even more enjoyable and immersive than it is already.

Unfortunately, Nintendo has been extremely quiet regarding when this hardware will ultimately be released, but it is widely expected to be at some point in September. With so many other devices set to hog the headlines on September 7, it is perhaps somewhat unlikely that Nintendo will opt for this date, even if it was planning to do so. But it cannot be ruled out with no release date set in stone, and we certainly should certainly see Pokémon Go Plus emerge at some point next month.

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