iPhone 7: An Amazing Concept You May Have Never Seen Before

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You may have come across numerous iPhone 7 concepts in the last few months. Most of them draw inspiration from existing models or, at most, include one or two revolutionary features. But Ukraine-based concept designer Herman Haidin has come up with an amazing concept that seems to be out of this world. Apple may not introduce such a revolutionary iPhone for at least a couple of years.

iPhone 7: An Amazing Concept You May Have Never Seen Before

No physical buttons

To begin with, Haidin imagines the iPhone 7 without any physical buttons or ports except the reset button. Everything has gone wireless. On top of that, the device is just 3mm thick. The slimmest existing smartphone is about 5mm in thickness, and the current iPhone 6S is 7.1mm thick. Apple is planning to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack to make the next iPhone slimmer, but it would come nowhere close to 3mm.

The concept phone has a 5-inch front as well as a rear screen. Surprised? Haidin says the back-screen activation requires your eye retina scan. You can configure some personal widgets for this display. On the front side, there are no bezels. It means you can use 100% of the front screen. What’s more, the front panel also works as a solar panel, allowing you to charge the iPhone 7 when you use it outdoors.

Take this iPhone 7 for a swim

The phone boasts of a 16 nano pixel iCamera that relies on a built-in program for image optimization. The camera automatically analyses the time and place of the photo, along with weather conditions, for image processing. If you want, you can use a wireless iCharger to charge your phone. It is fully waterproof and dustproof. Haidin also incorporates software for diving and underwater shooting. You can take this device for a swim.

Among other things, its full-screen gaming immerses you into the game world. You can use voice commands and gestures while playing games. The phone’s built-in storage is used only for software, apps, and form-files. All your personal data and files are stored in the iCloud, which you can access using your Apple ID. Of course, the concept looks far-fetched, but it does not deviate from Apple’s design language.

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