iPhone 7: Apple Inc. Has 800 Engineers Working On Its Camera

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The iPhones boast of some of the best smartphone cameras in the world. And Apple puts in a lot of effort to make the iPhone camera unmatchable. The iPhone 7 is expected to arrive sometime in September 2016. And you would be surprised to know that Apple has 800 engineers working only on the iPhone camera. That is the size of the team behind every photo you capture.

iPhone 7: Apple Inc. Has 800 Engineers Working On Its Camera

Camera to be a major selling point of iPhone 7

Apple’s Senior Director of Camera Hardware Graham Townsend, who leads this 800-strong team, said during an interview with Charlie Rose of 60 Minutes that for every photo you take, there are “24 billion operations going on.” Camera is going to be one of the major selling points of the iPhone 7, especially considering LG G4 and Samsung Galaxy S6 have taken camera technology to a whole new level.

Townsend told Rose that the current iPhone 6S Plus has more than 200 individual parts in a single camera module. He also demonstrated how his team simulates various conditions to test the performance of their cameras in the lab itself. Did you know that the iPhone’s camera has four wires, each thinner than human hair, to generate a “micro suspension” to offset the disturbances arising from the user’s hand movements.

Apple also has a secret lab for screens in Taiwan

Townsend offers a sneak peek into one of Apple’s secret labs that design awesome products. Earlier this month, Bloomberg revealed that Apple has a secret lab in Taiwan to develop and test next-generation of screens for its future products. The iPhone 7 is expected to get a design overhaul, but the Cupertino company will reportedly stick to LCD panels for the device. Apple is working on OLED displays that may appear in 2017 or later iPhones.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said earlier this month that Apple would use the same 3D Touch in iPhone 7 that appeared in iPhone 6S, without major improvements. Among other things, the next year’s iPhone is expected to be waterproof and dustproof. Kuo claims that it will be the thinnest iPhone ever, with a thickness of just 6mm to 6.5mm.




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