iPhone 6S Concept Features Force Touch

iPhone 6S Concept Features Force Touch
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Rumors about the iPhone 6S continue to abound, but they should be put to rest soon, possibly next month, assuming Apple follows its usual unveiling and launch dates for the iPhone this year. One of the most persistent iPhone 6S rumors is that it will include Force Touch, and indeed this seems like something we can expect.


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iPhone 6S with Force Touch?

Apple’s Force Touch technology made its first appearance in the Apple Watch earlier this year and then was incorporated into the new MacBook. Force Touch makes it possible for devices to distinguish the difference between a light tap and a harder press.

So if Apple does incorporate Force Touch into the iPhone 6S, what might that look like? Designer Maximilian Kiener created a video (shared by BGR) describing how the next-gen iPhone might utilize Force Touch if Apple does include it into the device.

How Force Touch might work on the iPhone 6S

He describes how Apple could catch up to Android in terms of the quality of the iPhone’s settings control. With Force Touch, iPhone 6S users could easily go into the device’s control center and just tap to toggle their connectivity settings on and off, if the tech is used the way the designer believes it will. He explains that when Force Touching an icon, it could jump directly to the settings for that particular item.

Problems with iPhone 6S production?

Apple’s latest 10-Q filing suggests production on the iPhone 6S and possibly another device may be ramping up. However, an analyst who usually has the inside scoop on Apple products states that production of the device is being delayed a week or two by problems with mass production.

According to Phone Arena, Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities said Apple has reduced orders for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to provide capacity for the iPhone 6S to be produced. The analyst said Foxconn is receiving 60% of the orders for the iPhone 6S and that Pegatron is receiving the other 40%. Further, he said Apple is granting Foxconn 100% of the orders for the iPhone 6S Plus.

iPhone 6S still expected in September

Kuo said even though there are problems delaying the production of the iPhone 6S, Apple still plans to unveil and launch the phone in September. There have been reports that Apple intends to unveil the iPhone 6S on Sept. 11 and make it available for purchase exactly a week later, but that seems unlikely.

Apple probably wouldn’t schedule an unveiling for Sept. 11 because it’s the anniversary of the deadly 2001 terrorist attacks. Further, the company usually schedules a 10-day lag time between unveiling and launch, so if the launch date is Sept. 18, that would put the unveiling on Sept. 8, which seems much more likely.

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