iPhone 6S, 6S Plus: You Can Already Pre-order Gold And Rose Gold Models

iPhone 6S, 6S Plus: You Can Already Pre-order Gold And Rose Gold Models
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Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in luxury custom editions are now available for pre-order at Goldgenie. Of note, the iPhone 6s will reportedly be launched on September 9th at a grand event in San Francisco.

Many choices for luxury lovers

For now, Goldgenie is only accepting pre-orders for the “Elite” version of the Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. A slew of luxury choices is available from Goldgenie. The devices in the Elite lineup will have a platinum, gold or rose gold coating on them. The starting price is $3,844.

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Another version of the device called the Swarovski Style Brilliance Elite version is also available that has been embedded with Swarovski crystals on the top and bottom of the back panel along with the sides. There is a Supernova version of iPhone 6s as well that has its entire back panel covered with Swarovski crystals.

A “Crocodile Embossed Leather and Swarovski Style Crystal Logo” series is also available, allowing buyers with a choice of coating like Gold-with-Red or Gold-with-Black crocodile leather. The Apple logo at the back of this device is embedded with Swarovski crystals. There is more, the limited edition iPhone 6s’ Diamond Rockstar, which is reportedly priced at 10,000 pounds or $15,378.

Both iPhone 6s versions at same price

Of interest, both the new devices will be offered at the same price. The 64 GB variant of the Apple iPhone 6s Elite and iPhone 6s Plus Elite will be offered at the abovementioned price. The 16 GB model will cost 200 pounds less, and the 128 GB model will cost 200 pounds more than the price for the standard device, according to a report from GSM Arena. A cherry oak box will be offered to customers free of charge by the company.

The images of the Elite version of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus can be seen by potential buyers on the official website of Goldgenie. All the prices mentioned are without VAT, so be prepared, as the tax alone will be equivalent to the price of a new iPhone. Customers pre-ordering the devices will be required to deposit 50% of the price in advance.

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