iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy S5: 25 Reasons Each One Is Better Than The Other

iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy S5: 25 Reasons Each One Is Better Than The Other
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Ever since Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) launched its iPhone 6, Apple and Samsung fans have been arguing which smartphone is better: the iPhone 6 or Samsung’s Galaxy S5. You probably already have your own opinion on the subject depending on whether you align yourself with Apple or Android. But the reality is that each one offers some distinct advantages over the other.

To help those sitting on the fence, PhoneBuff has released two videos. One of them lists 25 reasons the iPhone 6 is better than Galaxy S5, while the other explains, with the help of 25 points, why Samsung’s flagship phone is superior. If you are undecided, check out these videos to find out which phone’s features appeal to your needs.

Why iPhone 6 is better

The iPhone 6 comes with a metal design and sapphire Home button. It’s smaller than the Galaxy S5 in size, so it fits into your hand easily. Further, the iOS App Store has far more apps than Play Store. On iPhone 6, you get apps from Apple as well as Google. But you can get Apple apps such as Siri and Facetime on your Galaxy S5.

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The iPhone 6 comes with a reversible Lightning port. You can put it in either way you like. Another plus point about the iPhone 6 is that when you attach large videos or files to a message, your phone automatically compresses it before sending. Try doing the same thing on Galaxy S5, and you’ll see an error message. What’s more, iPhones have a greater resale value than the Galaxy S line devices, according to a study conducted by Mashable.

iPhone 6 resale value

Dual LED lights on the back of the iPhone 6 let you take better pictures compared to the single LED on Galaxy S5. PhoneBuff said the iPhone 6 offers louder and better quality sound than the Galaxy S5, making watching videos and listening to the music more enjoyable. Apple Pay allows you to shop online or in retail stores easily. Finally, it has a Family Sharing feature that lets you share your purchases on iBooks, iTunes or App Store with up to six family members.

Why Galaxy S5 is better than the iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 is a great phone, but it still lags behind Samsung’s Galaxy S5 in many aspects. You can use your Galaxy S5 even when you are wearing gloves. That’s a big deal for people living in the colder climate. It is dust-proof and water-resistant. Galaxy S5 allows you to customize your phone screen and lock screen, giving you greater control over how your phone looks and feels.

Galaxy S5 can record 4K videos, with far greater resolution than 1080p of the iPhone 6. Unlike, Apple’s device, it has a microSD slot if you want to expand your phone’s storage capacity. You can’t remove your iPhone’s battery, but it’s pretty easy with the Galaxy S5. And Samsung has used the bigger display of the phone to its advantage. The S5 lets users run two apps simultaneously on the screen.

Finally, you can use your Galaxy S5 as a remote control for your sound system, TV, and Blu-Ray player.

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