iPhone 6: Debate About An August Event Continues

iPhone 6: Debate About An August Event Continues
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Will the iPhone 6 be Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s next big thing? Alleged component leaks are making it seem less and less likely because they point to a device that’s more worthy of the less-updated iPhone 5S moniker. However, those leaks could always be for the low cost iPhone and / or the iPhone 5C, whatever that is.

iPhone 6: Debate About An August Event Continues

The odds of an August iPhone 6 event

One Apple fan is so set on the believe that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will show off the iPhone 6 event this month that he has increased his odds of that happening. In June, Phil Moore of Stabley Times said he saw a 60 percent chance that the iPhone 6 will be unveiled in August, but today, he’s nudged the odds of that happening up to 65 percent.

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He still sees the dramatic redesign of iOS 7 as being the main reason the iPhone 6 will be the next model out.

Other odds for this month

He’s also lowered the odds of Apple releasing the iPhone 5S instead of the iPhone 6 to 35 percent from the 40 percent he said earlier this year. He left his 20 percent odds of an iWatch release the same.

iPhone 6 release date?

Of course an August event would mean that an early September arrival of the next iPhone is likely, although it just doesn’t sound like Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will be ready for the ambitious Labor Day launch some are speculating. Of course there’s always a chance that the company could surprise, especially if iOS 7 is as far along as some believe it is.

Those who have worked with iOS 7 beta 4 say it looks pretty close to complete, even though there are expected to be two more updates. Apple usually spreads those updates out with two to three weeks in between each update, so if things really are moving ahead faster than usual, then perhaps a Labor Day launch isn’t so out of the question.

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