iPhone 6 Mockups Again Compare It To iPhone 5S, HTC One

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It’s been a day or so since the last series of iPhone 6 mockup photos, so naturally someone’s seizing on the opportunity to show some more. G for Games spotted this latest raft of photos from various sources in Korea and Japan.

Will the real iPhone 6 please stand up?

These new photos show a supposed mockup of the iPhone 6 next to the iPhone 5S and the HTC One. Of course the first thing you might notice is that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s logo is missing from the back of the alleged iPhone 6 in the photo, but seeing as how it could be a mockup, that would be no surprise.

The photos show a handset with what looks like a 4.7-inch display.  The sleep / wake button has been relocated to the side of the smartphone, which is also thinner than the iPhone 5S. It also appears as if the rear flash on the alleged iPhone 6 mockup has been redesigned. It looks round rather than the oval one the iPhone 5S has. This suggests that these mockups could either be showing off a smaller dual-LED flash or simply reverting back to the design of the flashes on older iPhone models.

The edges of the supposed mockup are more rounded than those on the iPhone 5S, making it look more like the design of the original iPhone.

New iPhone 6 photos look like Jimmy Lin’s photos

Last week, Taiwanese star Jimmy Lin posted some photos of himself with what he said was the iPhone 6. These new photos from the Korean and Japanese websites suggest that the phone he’s showing off might be the real deal because they are very similar. Also Lin had the inside scoop on the iPhone 5C last year, as he posted photos of himself with the handset before Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) launched it.

According to Lin, the iPhone 6 will indeed have a 4.7-inch display and rounded corners. However, he said there’s no dual-LED flash and that the smartphone’s power button is on the right side.

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