World’s First 7-Star Hotel Orders iPhone 6 In Black Gold

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Burj Al Arab to buy 15 custom-made units of the iPhone 6 to commemorate its 15th anniversary

Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus helped the Cupertino company sell a staggering 74.6 million iPhones in the December quarter. But the new iPhones are now getting some royal treatment in Dubai. The UAE buyers were going gaga over gold-plated iPhone 6 even before the device was officially launched in September. People’s craze for Apple’s new products hasn’t yet abated.

This iPhone 6 would cost $13,040

Dubai-based Burj Al Arab, the world’s first 7-star hotel, has ordered 15 gold-plated iPhone 6 to commemorate its 15th anniversary. London-based Gold & Co has won the contract. In September last year, Gold & Co had received pre-orders for more than 500 gold-plated iPhone 6 units that were priced at Dh21,995 ($5,988). Burj Al Arab said in a tweet that it has collaborated with Gold & Co to create limited edition 15 iPhone 6 units in black and yellow gold.

Gold & Co. CEO Amjad Ali told Vicky Kapur of Emirates 24/7 that the price of Burj Al Arab branded iPhone 6 units is Dh47,900 ($13,040) for the device in black gold. The less expensive one, 24-carat yellow gold-plated one, will set you back by ‘only’ Dh44,900 ($12,223). Each unit will have a separate Burj Al Arab anniversary logo on the back.

Amosu launches pink iPhone 6 for Valentine’s Day

You can buy Gold & Co’s iPhone 6 only at the Burj Al Arab. Each unit will have its own gold-plated authentication plaque. Gold & Co said it would take more than 80 man-hours to produce each unit. However, it’s not the only custom-made iPhone 6 in the UAE. Last week, Givori launched the phantom black platinum iPhone 6 exclusively for the Dubai market.

Meanwhile, luxury brand Amosu has made the world’s first pink iPhone 6 that will be launched on Valentine’s Day. GSM Arena says the devices look “extremely pink.” Unfortunately for interested buyers, Amosu will manufacture only 10 units, and each of them will be priced at GBP1,899 ($2862). The devices will have Alexander Amosu logo on the back.

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