iPhone 6 Dummies Fool Everyone [REPORT]

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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has been testing the reliability of its collaborators and suppliers by releasing fake iPhone 6 parts and mockups, and judging by the number of alleged leaks we’ve seen, many of them have failed the test. According to a report from Japanese site Nikkei (spotted by 9to5 Mac and G for Games earlier this week) that Apple has been handing out fake versions of the iPhone 6, many of which have been supposedly “leaked” to the media.

iPhone 6 antenna design is wrong

Apparently the iPhone 6 mockups that have made the rounds of the technology community and the media aren’t completely wrong, however. The sites report that the mockups bear a slight resemblance to the final version.

One of the main things that’s said to be wrong with them is the placement and design of the antenna. This feature hasn’t really been noted by anyone. Other items mentioned in the report include the button alignment, which has been fairly obvious since the beginning on many of them. There is a gap around the home button in many of the models, and overall, the mockups just simply have been of poor build quality. In addition, the display doesn’t transition seamlessly into the aluminum casing.

Stripes or no stripes?

In addition, the report states that the white stripes on most of the alleged mockups’ back panels won’t be a part of the iPhone 6 that finally gets sold to consumers. Currently, there’s speculation that the stripes could just be markings for where the back casing will break into a few separate pieces, which would be similar to the back of the iPhone 5S. 9to5 Mac suggests that the stripes could end up being on the final version, except that they might be made of “attractive highly-polished glass.”

Another design feature Nikkei claims is that the Apple logo on the back of the iPhone 6 will be different. On the iPhone 5S, it is polished and then engraved right into the back of the metal casing. This time, the report suggests that Apple will actually cut the logo right out of the metal backing.

iPhone 6 could sport a curved display

Nikkei’s sources apparently said that Apple might include a curved display that fits perfectly into the metal casing, creating a transition from the display to the casing that’s perfectly seamless. This differs from the iPhone 5S, which sports a 45-degree diamond cut edging. It should also be noted that this part of Nikkei’s report seems less like something based on a claim from a credible source and more like pure speculation or hearsay.

Of course most believe the iPhone 6 will come with two different display sizes, one that’s 4.7 inches in size and one that’s 5.5 inches. The smartphone is expected to be launched in September.

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