iPhone 6 And The 6 Interesting Concepts About The Future Smartphone

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The future is coming and Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is ready to conquer the next phase of technology. Although we can expect the iPhone 5S, a small upgrade from the current iPhone 5, the iPhone 6 is expected to debut in 2014 with some exciting changes.

iPhone 6 And The 6 Interesting Concepts About The Future Smartphone

IPhone 6 Clear Design Feature

The iPhone 6 could feature a larger screen and a new clean design. All of this has designers buzzing about the future and potential concepts for the next great smartphone. These concepts will show investors and Apple fans what the company could do with the highly anticipated smartphone.

The first iPhone 6 concept comes from ADR Studio and it is essentially based on the new iO7 design which will also be available with the iPhone 5S. The upcoming smartphone could also feature 4.3 inch Retina+ with a higher resolution to make reading the slenderized new font easier to read. This new phone may also feature a home button that would also work as a fingerprint reader. This would help make mobile payments even more secure.

The second iPhone 6 concept comes from an obvious source: an iPhone patent filed by Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL). T3 revealed in a video that the future Apple smartphone could feature a wraparound display, iOS multitasking, NFC, gesture controlled buttons, wraparound panoramas and more. This design is definitely one of the more exciting concepts as it would give Apple the much needed edge in design.

The third iPhone 6 concept design is from Ran Avni and Uygar Kaya. This design is water-resistant, which should give them an edge against competition like Samsung and Sony. Both companies are creating new phones with water-proof technology. The fourth concept idea comes from Concepts iPhone and features a unique edge-to-edge display complete with a smart bezel to replace the home button on the iPhone 6. The fifth concept (which comes from RedmondPie) suggests the iPhone 6 will have a 3D camera and the sixth concept speculates a 5.7 inch high-definition display.

No matter what Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) decides to do with the iPhone 6, it’s probably going to be a big deal.

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