iPhone 6 And 5S: Expectations For The New iPhone Model

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Over the weekend there were reports that the iPhone 6 or 5S would be unveiled on Sept. 10, but with all of the rumors that have been flying around lately, it’s difficult to know what we can expect. Zee of All Things D provides us with a list of what we can expect when that handset is released.

iPhone 6 And 5S: Expectations For The New iPhone Model

iPhone 5S more likely than iPhone 6

At this point, it sounds like the iPhone 6 will be pushed to next year and that the iPhone 5S will be out this year. This is based on rumors that the next model will most likely look and feel just like the iPhone 5. All Things D touches on the rumors of multiple colors for the low cost iPhone, although the online publication believes that the next model will indeed be the iPhone 5S in just black and white rather than the low cost model with many color options.

Next iPhone(s) could push others out of production

There have also been reports that when Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) releases the next iPhone, it will no longer continue producing past versions. These reports have indicated that the in-cell screen technology used in the iPhone 5 isn’t suitable for production in low volumes. If a low-cost iPhone does come out with the next flagship model, then this might make more sense because currently the older models are Apple’s low cost handsets.

This would also be the first time Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) releases two handsets in the same month and also the first time it stops production of previous models with the release of a new handset.

Possible specs for the next iPhone

The expectation that Apple will discontinue production of older models because of the technology used in their displays would suggest that the next iPhone will have a new form of technology used in its display. The screen is expected to be inches in size, like the iPhone 5, and it could have the same 1136 x 640 Retina display. However, ExtremeTech reports that the next model will have an IGZO screen made by Sharp. This type of screen is expected to offer longer battery life and be less expensive than the displays used in previous models.

Of course Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s next generation processor, the A7 chip, is also expected to be part of the next iPhone. Samsung makes the A7 chips, which are said to be faster and increase battery life for the device even further. Photos of components that were said to be for the next iPhone do show a thinner logic board, which would make room for a larger battery.

Hardware possibilities

There’s also a chance that the next iPhone will have a 12-megapixel slow motion camera with dual LED flash so that it will be able to take better pictures in low light situations. This weakness of the current iPhone has been exploited by Nokia more than once in recent advertisements, so it’s definitely something Apple would need to fix. The slow motion feature would provide a major improvement to the video camera part of the iPhone as well.

A fingerprint sensor for the iPhone 6 and 5S?

And then there are, of course, the reports about a fingerprint sensor. Some have said problems with this feature are delaying release of the device, but overall, most seem pretty sure that it will be on the next iPhone. What we don’t know though is whether it will be used just for unlocking the iPhone or also for payments and other features.

There have been reports that iOS 7 includes some sort of toolkit for a fingerprint sensor, so there’s a chance Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) might open this feature up to developers who want to incorporate it into their apps.

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