iPhone 6, 5S Release Date Delayed By Larger Screen?

iPhone 6, 5S Release Date Delayed By Larger Screen?
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Apple fans have been clamoring for an iPhone 6 that’s completely different from the iPhone 5. Many are hoping for a device with a larger screen, and they may get their wish. However, it could mean that they’ll have to wait even longer, according to a report in the Taiwanese newspaper Commercial Times.

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iPhone 6, 5S Release Date Delayed By Larger Screen?

Next iPhone delayed by larger screen

Bloomberg’s Argin Chang reported on the Commercial Times report, which indicates that the iPhone 5S might not be launched until the end of the year because the design had been changed to include a 4.3-inch Retina display, rather than the smaller 4-inch display that was used on the iPhone 5. According to the Taiwanese publication, sources within the semiconductor industry said that the next iPhone had been planned for a September or October release.

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This delay due to screen problems just adds on to the problems Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) could be experiencing with the device. On Tuesday DitiTimes reported that problems with the fingerprint-recognition chips could cause a shortage in the number of new iPhones which are available initially.

Low cost iPhone could be released this year

The Commercial Times also reported that we could see the long-rumored low cost iPhone this year even though the flagship model will be delayed. The low cost model is expected to be released by the end of the third quarter. The newspaper claimed that chips for the device started shipping in June and that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (NYSE:TSM) could start delivering chips for the iPhone 5S in August.

iPhone 6 won’t add much

Meanwhile one writer is questioning exactly why so many Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) fans are waiting anxiously for the iPhone 6. Macworld’s David Price emphasizes that the big changes which are coming will be in iOS 7 rather than in the device itself. The updated operating system is expected to be available to consumers this fall some time, and he explains why the iPhone 6 is less of a big deal than iOS 7.

He notes that previous iPhone models haven’t had many updates of interest. Of course a faster chip and possible a better camera are expected, along with maybe one new bonus feature. However, he says iOS 7 is where most of the significant updates are coming, like AirDrop wireless sharing, multiple camera modes, iTunes radio and other major updates.

Kinect tech in iPhone 6?

This week though it was announced that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) was in talks to buy PrimeSense, the Israeli company which designed the sensor in the original Kinect used by Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s Xbox 360. Of course that announcement has triggered speculation that perhaps the iPhone 6 will have Kinect technology inside of it. If it does, then that has the potential to be something big that would make upgrading to the iPhone 6 worth it, in spite of what Price said. It all depends on what Apple does with it.

Phones Review’s Mark Chubb notes that the type of technology PrimeSense is known for has numerous applications that don’t necessarily have to do with gaming. Apple has applied for several patents involving gesture control, which could use PrimeSense’s technology.

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