iPhone 6, 5S Display ‘Leaked,’ Matches ‘Leaked’ Logic Board

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While some have been making a case for why Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will skip over the iPhone 5S and instead go for the iPhone 6, but the answer may not be as simple as that. We have some new allegedly leaked photos of the next iPhone display, and the photos seem to back up Tuesday’s photos that were purported to be of the next iPhone’s logic board.

iPhone 6 Or 5S Display Photos

iPhone 6, 5S Display ‘Leaked,’ Matches ‘Leaked’ Logic Board

These new photos of the display were posted by Will of FanaticFone. The site claims to have gotten its hands on the iPhone 5S digitizer and LCD display. It also compares these components with those of the iPhone 5.

The first thing they note is that the screens look to be exactly the same size. Also the flex cable in the components that are said to be destined for the iPhone 5S is quite a bit longer, which means that the internal workings of the device may be quite different. This might seem to indicate to some that we will indeed see the iPhone 5S this year rather than the iPhone 6, but we’ll have to see.

Apple Insider staff and Mac Rumors’ Eric Slivka compared the photos of the display that were posted on FanaticFone with the images of the alleged logic board for the next iPhone. Both sites say they appear to match up, although of course we don’t know if this is a prototype, a mock-up or a model that’s actually in production.

The Alleged Low-Cost iPhone Case

What’s especially interesting to note is that at the same time, we also have some images which are purported to be a plastic case for the low-cost iPhone that’s been rumored to be in production. Apple Insider highlighted these new images which were posted again on the Japanese site Macotakara. The case in these images shows a thicker, more rounded design than previous iPhone versions.

Interestingly enough, it’s also a multi-colored case, which is completely different than anything we’ve seen in Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s products before. There have been rumors that the low-cost iPhone will be offered in more than just black and white, but this is the first photo of a multi-colored case that has surfaced recently.

Is The iPhone 5S The Low Cost Version?

So this begs the same question that’s been asked many times before. Are these allegedly leaked photos of components for the iPhone 5S, which will actually be the low-cost version of the device? And if so, does that mean that the iPhone 6 will blow us away with new features and capabilities?

Analysts have said recently that the low-cost iPhone will be out this year yet, while the iPhone 6 will be out in early 2014. So there may still be hope yet for iPhone 6 hopefuls expecting a lot more upgrades than what these allegedly leaked images have shown so far. Maybe the iPhone 6 will have a bigger screen after all. But as usual, Apple is keeping this all under wraps.

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