iPhone 5 To Be Released With A Brand New Design? [Concept Images]

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iPhone 5 To Be Released With A Brand New Design? [Concept Images]

Image courtesy of Fuse Chicken

The iPhone 5 is probably the most anticipated gadgets of the year, and thanks to the never ending rumors regarding it’s arrival and design, it’s also the most-talked about gadget of the year.

The latest rumor regarding the next generation iPhone once again talks about design. Although there has still yet to be an official confirmation about the phone, it was reported via Mashable that John Fawcett from [Fuse] Chicken designed what he thinks the new smartphone will look like. This new model is said to be 7 millimeters thick and dimension of 4.14″ x 2.25″. It’s also reported to feature a four-inch display, ten-megapixel rear-facing camera, five-megapixel front-facing camera, and quad speakers.

If this concept phone turns out to be the real deal, it will be a revolutionary change for them. From the picture(shown above) of the concept model, it looks a lot like rival phone Samsung Galaxy.

It wasn’t that long ago that we shared a rumor that the next iPhone was to have a liquidmetal case and another rumor that the SIM card holder will look similar to the card holders from the previous models. No rumors have been confirmed either way.

Next month at the WWDC, Apple should confirm whether any of the rumors in the last few months are true and provide some insight to what Apple fans can expect in the next few months regarding software updates and applications for iOS.

All of these rumors regarding the design of the iPhone 5 may indicate that the latest model will look different. Given Apple’s history for making electronics with revolutionary designs, there is really no way to predict what they will come up with next.

I would love to see a brand new design for the iPhone 5.  I think that there’s going to be a few key changes but I’m not expecting a major makeover for the design.

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