iPhone 5 Launched: Post-Event Highlights

iPhone 5 Launched: Post-Event Highlights
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The world has been waiting for this day and it’s finally arrived. Today, media professionals camped outside of Apple’s Fifth Avenue store, while the rest of the world patiently waited for the official announcement of the iPhone 5.

 iPhone 5 Launched: Post-Event Highlights

Apple’s internet store also went offline on Wednesday morning, just hours before the company unveiled their sixth generation smartphone. It was reported that the iPhone 5 would feature a longer body with larger four inch display, 4G LTE, and nine-pin dock connector with cable. The new phone features iOS 6, which comes with Apple’s innovative in-house mapping application as well as over 200 new features.

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Fifth Avenue has become the hotspot for the media officials, who came to report on the year’s most anticipated gadgets. It’s expected that the next generation Apple phone will go on sale on September 21.

It was also reported that Apple would introduce a few other gadgets during the even,t including the new generation of iPods and an updated iTunes application.  Unfortunately, the iPad Mini isn’t expected to be introduced until October.

As we mentioned in a previous story, one analyst predicted that Apple will also introduce a revamped iPod Touch, with a taller display that measures four inches, a GPS receiver, and a high-definition front facing camera for FaceTime. He also predicted that the new iPod Touch could be used as a game controller for iPads and Mac computers.

This report is one of the more exciting stories we’ve heard in awhile. The fact that the media is camping right outside a flagship Apple store is a reminder that something exciting is happening. We know that when Apple is ready to release a new product or software application, everybody stops and listens. Everyone wants to see their new products and to know when they can finally get their hands on the anticipated product. The iPhone 5 is no exception.

Now that it has finally been officially unveiled, we expect to see a rush of consumers, eager to purchase the new gadget.

Stay tuned to more updates from the Apple event!

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