iPhone 12 release could push Apple to the top of the 5G heap

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Apple is a bit behind the curve when it comes to releasing handsets which are equipped for 5G technology. However, that could all change next year with the iPhone 12 release — if one firm is correct. Of course, that depends on whether Apple is actually ready with its 5G technology next year, and it does seem likely that the company will be.

iPhone 12 release to include 5G support

In a report and accompanying press release this week, Strategy Analytics said that even though Apple still doesn’t offer any smartphones with support for 5G, the company could steal the top spot away from Samsung next year with the iPhone 12 release. Apple is expected to finally offer 5G smartphones starting in late 2020. Currently Samsung and Huawei are the leaders in 5G-ready smartphones.

“It may seem counterintuitive that Apple, which currently has no 5G phones in its portfolio will be able to pass current 5G market leaders Samsung and Huawei,” Strategy Analytics Director Ken Hyers said in a statement. “But with three new 5G models coming next year, Apple merely needs to match its current upgrade rates for newly introduced iPhone models to take the lead next year.”

He added that in the long run, Samsung is expected to retake the lead in 5G smartphones as more and more markets start to support the technology. The Korean electronics giant holds a dominant position in the smartphone market, which is why he expects it to take the lead back from Apple.

What else to expect from Apple

Of course, this is only one firm’s opinion on the iPhone 12 release and 5G. There is always a chance that Apple won’t be ready with 5G support next year, although it must feel pressured to get in on the 5G market. It still is on the early side for 5G I the U.S., given that mobile carriers have yet to roll the technology out widely.

Aside from 5G, expectations for next year’s iPhone 12 release are mounting. We’ve heard that the design of next year’s models could change quite a bit and possibly even resemble the iPhone 4. We’ve also heard that some major display upgrades are expected, including a much faster refresh rate that will bring the iPhone more in line with what more and more Android manufacturers are offering.

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