iPad Pro Is A ‘Clear Example’ Of Apple Following Us: Microsoft

iPad Pro Is A ‘Clear Example’ Of Apple Following Us: Microsoft
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Apple is very proud of its iPad line-up, which is believed to be state-of-the-art and innovative, but Microsoft does not think it is unique. Microsoft’s general manager for the Surface, Ryan Gavin, told Business Insider that the Apple iPad Pro is a “clear example” that Apple is copying his company.

Microsoft: we are not following Apple

Microsoft has been steadily expanding its Surface portfolio and recently announced the Surface Laptop and the upgraded fifth-generation Surface hybrid called the Surface Pro. The Surface Pro is lighter than the previous model with minor tweaks, such as small vents on the top and a new kickstand which helps the tab lay flat when used with a keyboard accessory.

Addressing rumors that Microsoft was following Apple, Gavin said if such was the case, there would not have been a product like the Surface Pro or Surface Book. Further, the executive stated they have been focusing on the two-in-one product category for years now, but “when Surface initially launched everyone was skeptical, including them. And then they followed, and the iPad Pro is a clear example of that.”

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This does not mean that the company does not keep track of its rivals, but when it comes to making the Surface hardware, “we don’t really look at Apple,” the executive said. Gavin said the only reason they came up with the Surface Pro is because “our customers wanted it.”

Apple iPad Pro vs. Surface Pro

Apple also released a new upgraded iPad Pro version equipped with the next version of iOS, giving it additional laptop-like features. Microsoft, on the other hand, added some brilliant features in the new Surface Pro. More importantly, the company dropped the famous tagline “the tablet that can replace your laptop” and instead adopted the ad slogan “the most versatile laptop.”

The newly-adopted tagline reflects changing trends in the market, in which tablet sales are declining and more Surface Pro owners are using their devices as laptops. Although the Windows maker has deviated from its conventional marketing strategy, the core features in the gadget remain unaltered, notes Business Insider in a separate report.

Battery life has long been an issue in the Surface range, but the new Pro seems to be better in this regard. The company has also made sure to lower the sound of the fan. The sound in the Surface Pro 4’s fan was very annoying, especially when watching a video or reading books, notes The Verge. The Surface Pro has the full version of Windows 10, allowing it to run a host of software, including the desktop version of Office and popular gaming titles.

If you are selecting between the Apple iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro, it will come down to how comfortable you are with the software and operating system.

“But I’m betting that most of the time, Surface Pro will be able to handle a broader array of tasks for a wider range of people than the iPad Pro,” says Matt Weinberger of Business Insider.

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