iPad Mini Could Revolutionize Education With E-Textbooks

iPad Mini Could Revolutionize Education With E-Textbooks
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iPad Mini Could Revolutionize Education With E-Textbooks

The PCs industry has been thwarted by the wrath of the evolutionary tablets industry, and Apple seems to be exploiting opportunities that will likely deem PCs obsolete in the current business environment. Apple is set to launch a new, affordable iPad mini, which is tentatively scheduled for announcement next week. The current iPads have already taken a huge chunk of the market share from the PC industry, impressively replacing a majority of the tasks meant to be done with PCs.

Apple’s iPad mini to Render PCs Obsolete?

The new iPad mini comes in to replace the other business unit of PCs, that is the education facilitation. The other models of iPad are deemed quite expensive to be acquired in large volumes for use in education facilitation. However, the cheaper iPad mini will eliminate this quandary which now means, PCs, could be easily rendered obsolete and out of business if they don’t upgrade to touch enabled machines.

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Additionally, some tablets are already being designed to, almost resemble PCs, a good example being Microsoft’s Windows Surface tablets, which have separate, detachable keyboards. Furthermore, PCs are significantly immobile as compared to tablets, which can easily be carried around, thereby minimizing shifting and storage costs.

Nonetheless, nothing is ever all good, without certain predicaments; Apple’s new iPad mini is believed to be facing some supply constraints just like the recently launched counterpart iPhone 5. However, Barclays Equity Analysts believe that this obstacle could still be overcome as exhibited in the case of iPhone 5, which seems to be doing well, despite a myriad of inventory concerns for the near term.

Apple’s iPad mini has more than just Potential

The analysts have predicted that the iPad maker will sell at least 10 million units of iPad mini between now and December, at an average price of $250 per unit, which translates to about $2.5 billion worth of iPad mini sales for the C4Q12 period. Much of this volume sales prediction is based on Apple’s goal of revolutionizing education, where the company seeks to promote the use of E-Textbooks to facilitate learning.

If the initial e-textbook campaign is successful, the new iPad mini could be carving out a new niche for Apple, which could successfully supplement the deteriorating demand for mac computers, among other PC products. The device could balloon 2013 sales by significant margins, going by figures depicted in early predictions, by Barclays PLC (LON:BARC) (NYSE:BCS) Equity research analysts.

Other reports indicate that Apple has apologized to its customers following the maps debacle and has vowed to fix the bug soon enough. The tech giant should indeed deliver on the soon enough part; otherwise, the initial upside promise from iPhone 5 sales could be detracted.

The company has faced criticism from media, with some competitors such as Nokia, Samsung, and Google’s Motorola Mobility, taking full advantage of the situation to mock its new iPhone 5.

Elsewhere, reports indicate the new iPhone 5 is still experiencing some shortage in supply with several stores listing the products as either limited availability or completely unavailable. Nonetheless, it is noted that much of the iPhone 5 sales deliveries have been shifted to the December quarter, which seems to be easing out the current pressure due to high demand.


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