iOS 9 Bug Prompts Google To Block Third-Party Keyboards In Chrome For iOS

iOS 9 Bug Prompts Google To Block Third-Party Keyboards In Chrome For iOS
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Google has released an updated version of its Chrome web browser for iOS, effectively disabling support for third-party keyboards on Apple’s mobile platform. The search engine giant said crashes caused by a bug in iOS 9 were the reason it had to disable third-party keyboards in Chrome for iOS. The new version 46.0.2490.85 also brings some improvements and fixes.

Bugs seem to be an integral part of iOS 9

Users have reported dozens of bugs in iOS 9 since the software was released in September. So this one shouldn’t come as a big surprise. Third-party keyboards on iOS have also been buggy, causing the devices to slow and lag. Google didn’t disclose the bug. Now if you launch the keyboard in Chrome for iOS to enter a web address, you’ll be presented with the default iOS keyboard. Disabling the third-party keyboards was the only way to mitigate the bug before it is fixed.

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Apple first introduced support for third-party keyboards with iOS 8 in 2014. The latest Chrome for iOS update has also resolved an issue with Omnibox queries failing to display properly. Google hasn’t ruled out the possibility of bringing back support for third-party keyboards in a future update. Most recently, the iOS 9 users reported bugs that caused fingerprint detection issues.

Google releases Chrome beta for iOS

In the meantime, Google has released a beta version of Chrome for iOS that comes with several new features such as support for Apple’s 3D Touch. Users can hard press on the icon of Chrome beta to quickly access tasks such as the ability to switch to incognito mode, open a new tab, or make voice searches. It also supports Bluetooth keyboard for shortcuts such as opening and closing apps. However, the beta version of Chrome for iOS is only available to a limited number of users as part of an invite-only program.

Apple revealed earlier this month that the iOS 9 adoption had shattered all the previous records. As of November 3, it powers 66% of all the compatible devices. The iOS 8’s share has shrunk to just 25%, while older versions power the remaining 9% devices.

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